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Keith Sirchio

Keith Sirchio

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Profession: Photographer
Location: Brooklyn , United States
URL: http://www.keithsirchio.com
Email: •••••••• (private)
AIM/iChat: bronsonrip
Last login: about 3 years ago
Member since: 17 Jul 2005 10:07


Currently resides in Brooklyn,  New York.   Keith shoots film and is available for assignments and dinner.  



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Recent Post

4x5 Overview....

Hi all,

I recently got myself a Sinar f1 4×5 as I’ve been shooting some more architectural work lately and wanted to try my hand at large format. I’ve finally gathered all the bits and pieces over the last few months and did my first Polaroid (Fuji-oid) tests this past weekend. They look good. Simple compositions of Brooklyn row houses and such; playing around with the front and rear standards, working on converging lines and focusing. I’m reading the “View Camera Technique” by Leslie Stroebel which is a great text book and manual that details the large format experience. Unfortunately, some of the language and functions are beyond me. I understand that all of this comes in good time and experimenting, but I have an installation that I’d love to shoot (that I’d already photographed before, but not with 4×5) and it comes down in a couple of weeks. There’s some extreme low angle shots I need to get and would hate to put all the time and $ into the shoot and come back with images that are soft around the edges or something of the like that could’ve been avoided with a few more snippets of knowledge.

So, basically, I’m wondering if there’s any old 4×5 heads out there that can spare a couple hours for a couple dollars or a couple beers that can go over a few things in person with me. I’m out here in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. If there are any takers…would really wonderful. Just send me an email (rumor has it there are PM issues) keefer1(at)gmail(dot)com and we’ll work something out. Thank you much…

03 Dec 2011 04:12 | 2 replies


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