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Members: "Brasil"

Name Profession Location Home Base
Christian Tragni photoreporter gallery (contains audio) San Paulo SaoPaulo/ Rio de Janeiro italian, english, portuguese, and spanish
Luiz C. Ribeiro Photographer gallery Paris New York/Brazil portuguese, spanish, and english
noel criado Photographer gallery Barcelona Barcelona, Spain Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, and Catalan
Nelson Antoine Photojournalist gallery Sao Paulo Sao Paulo, Brazil Portuguese, English, and Spanish
André Biolcatti Photographer gallery Praha Paris / Sao Paulo English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian
Carlos Filipe Operti Photographer gallery Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro Portuguese and English
Philip Poupin Tourist gallery Saint-Malo Saint-Malo French, Spanish, and English and some knowledges in other languages
Frido Claudino Photographer Toronto João Pessoa, Brazil English and Portuguese and Spanish
Tatiana Cardeal Photographer Sao Paulo Sao Paulo, Brazil english/portuguese/spanish (portunhol)
Jennifer Cabral Independent Ph... gallery New Jersey NJ, USA portuguese; english
Reinhard Oefele Photographer -... gallery Mashhad Munich german, english, andspanish
Rafael Vilela Photographer Florianópolis Brazil English and Spanish and Portuguese
Cristina De Middel photojournalist gallery Los Angeles Spain english, french, and spanish
Mariana Vasconcellos Photojournalist gallery Rio de Janeiro Florianopolis, Brazil English, Portuguese, French, and Hebrew
Joao Paglione Freelance Phot... gallery Berlin Berlin, Germany English, Portuguese, Spanish, German, and and Italian
Gabrielle Motola Photographer gallery London London, U.K English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese
Bruno Figueiredo Journalist gallery (contains audio) Belo Horizonte Belo Horizonte English, Português, Español, and Frances
Felipe Dana Photojournalist Rio de janeiro Rio de Janeiro, Brazil English, Portuguese, and Spanish
Paula Leite gallery Bath London and South West England English, Portuguese, and Spanish and French
Rafael Happke Freelance Phot... gallery Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul Brazil english, portuguese, and spanish
Fabien Maisonneuve Webmaster/Phot... gallery China France French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, and basic Chinese
Alexandre Paoli Pro Photographer São Paulo São Paulo - Brazil English and Portuguese et un peu de Français
Amanecer Tedesqui Photojournalist gallery Santa Cruz Bolivia Español and English
Giorgio Cosulich Photojournalist Rome Rome, ITALY Italian, English, Spanish, and Portughese basic
Rjacinto photographer sao paulo sao paulo portuguese and english
Rodrigo Paiva Photojournalist Sydney Sydney English and Portuguese
Sergio Fonseca Photographer ser785 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil portuguese and english
Washington Possato Photographer gallery Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro - Brasil english / portuguese /spanish
Gabriel Rinaldi Photographer Florianopolis Florianopolis, Brazil English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, and Italian

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