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Members: "Haiti"

Name Profession Location Home Base
Brena Currelly Photographer gallery Alberta Banff, Alberta Canada English
Christina Simons Photographer gallery Melbourne Melbourne, Australia English, French, and Spanish
Ricardo Arduengo Fotografo gallery Port-au-Prince San Juan, PR english and spanish
James Oatway Photojournalist gallery Johannesburg Johannesburg English and Afrikaans
Ana Bianca Marin Photojournalis... gallery Miami Caribbean Portuguese, English, German, French, and Spanish
Christa Smith Freelance phot... gallery Boston Boston
Julie Remy Documentary Ph... gallery Toronto Toronto, Canada English and French
ANA MARTINEZ-SANTIAGO PHOTOGRAPHER gallery San Juan San Juan, Puerto Rico Español & English
Keely Kernan Freelance Phot... gallery Manila South Central Pennsylvania English, Spanish, and Haitian Creole
Alice Smeets Photojournalist gallery Eupen Belgium German, English, and French
Evan Abramson passing the word gallery New York new york English and Spanish
Carlos Filipe Operti Photographer gallery Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro Portuguese and English
Cazalis Documentary Ph... Mexico City Spain English, Spanish, and Portuguese + French
Martin Beaulieu Photographer gallery Montreal French and English
Antonio Olmos Photographer gallery London London
Ben Gancsos Photographer gallery Brooklyn, NY Brooklyn, NY English and Hungarian
Farhaj Soldier gallery Central New Jersey Central New Jersey English, Urdu, Hindi, and New Joisey
thomas kern photographer gallery port-au-prince zürich german, french, english, and spanish
Cristina De Middel photojournalist gallery Los Angeles Spain english, french, and spanish
Kenneth Armstrong Freelance Phot... gallery Sault Ste Marie Sault Ste Marie, Canada
Claire Schneider Photographer gallery Srinigar New York English, Kashmiri, and French
Shirley Bruno Designer/Filmm... Brooklyn, NY Brooklyn, Haiti, West Indies English, French, and Kreyol
Randall White Photographer -... Oakland Oakland CA English
Benjamin Rusnak gallery Port-Au-Prince Fort Lauderdale English
Hector Emanuel Photographer gallery Washington, DC Washington, DC English/Spanish
Lucian Read Photographer gallery (contains audio) Dushanbe Brooklyn, New York English and Spanish
Ocean Morisset Freelance Phot... Brooklyn, New York NYC
Scott Dalton Photographer/F... gallery Houston, TX Houston, Texas English and Spanish
Xavier Araújo-Berríos PHOTOJOURNALIST gallery San Juan Guaynabo, Puerto Rico spanish and "english"
Chris Usher Photographer Washington, DC Washington, DC English and French

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