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Kimball O'Hara

Location: Rawalpindi , Pakistan
Email: •••••••• (private)
Last login: about 6 years ago
Member since: 16 Jan 2009 06:01



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Soundslides & Audio slideshows

I’ve been toying with making audio slideshows for a while and I’m currently trying to figure out which direction to develop my skills in.

I d/l’ed the Soundslides Plus trial and was amazed at how crude the interface and actual control was. Is there any software that allows for audio editing within the same program? For instance, if I want to sync a particular image showing up with the sound of a specific word in the audio of an interview. Is there some kind of a closer marriage between Final Cut and Soundslides?

I can put together a basic slideshow in Adobe Flash but have no idea if such sound-synching is possible. Any tips would be hugely welcome. Sites like NewsU are offering tutorial courses in Flash for this sort of application that take about 40 hours to complete – has anyone here had any experience with this or similar online courses?

06 Apr 2009 08:04 | 1 replies

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