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Kirill Golovchenko

Kirill Golovchenko
Profession: Photographer
Location: Frankfurt Am Main , Germany
Home base: Odessa / Frankfurt am Main
URL: http://www.kirillgolovchenko.com
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Languages spoken: Russian, Ukrainian, German, English
Organization: Focus Agency www.agentur-focus.de/
Skype: Kirill golovchenko Kirill Golovchenko
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Kirill Golovchenko was born 1974 in Odessa, Ukraine. From 2002 until 2007 he studied photography by Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences in Germany. After been supported in the last two years of his studies by Barbara Klemm in the meantime the interest in the work of Kirill Golovchenko grows more and more. He got the Award of Documentary Photography by the Wuestenrot Foundation for the his work „7km – Field of wonders“. Further he got the DAAD Scholarship and VG Bild-Kunst Projekt Scholarship for the new project „The Ukrainian Breakthrough“. Also invitations to a solo and couple of photo exhibitions, and at least in 2009 the printing of the book »7 km- Field of wonders« by Snoeck Publisher (Germany) was friendly supported by the Stiftung Kunstfonds.

„7km – Field of wonders“, 2009, Snoeck publisher, Cologne,
ISBN 978-3-940953-31-5;

„The Ukrainian Breakthrough“, Documentary Photography Awards 07/08, 2009, Wüstenrot Foundation.
ISBN-13: 978-3933249289

Nahtstellen – Fotos für die Pressefreiheit 2008, Reporter ohne Grenzen,
ISBN-13: 978-3937683195



Recent Post

New Book: Kirill Golovchenko / 7km – Field of Wonders

»7 km« is the title of Kirill Golovchenko’s book and is citing the distance to a market place near Odessa which is called »Field of Wonders«. 16.000 containers, stacked one on top of another, are situated upon 70 hectares of land which was used before as a incinerating plant. This container city is the absolut first market place in the former Soviet Union, twice bigger than the Mall of America, ten times bigger than the Centro in Germany’s Oberhausen. But the difference couldn’t be more obvious, because in opposite to the Western model the Field of Wonders is not really a shopping paradise. Hard work is the reality, sellers and retailers dealing with clothes, the most visible status symbol in the former East. So it is given that the labels of brands as D&G, Boss, Reebok, and others are for sale too. This could be increased: 20,000 sellers, 10,000 carrieres transport the goods through dozens of container streets to a fleet of leased buses. 70 to 80 working hours a week are normal, while a container’s monthly rent is up to 7,000 US-$. Would you like to buy two stacked containers, you need 40,000 US-$ cash. The daily turn over of the market is estimated with approximately 20 Millions US-$. It is for sure that this market is one of the biggest in the former Soviet Union.

Kirill Golovchenko says: »If in the West there is speaking about my home Odessa, where I had been born 1974, everyone is describing the lovely Black Sea cost or falling into raptures about Isaak Babel. That’s not wrong and everybody knows that this describes not the post-soviet reality. So my theme is ideal. But it plays not with the cliché of the Vodka drinking pleb, the homo sovieticus as a bump, and is giving a good impression of the nowadays society in the Ukraine.«

After been supported in the last two years of his studies by Barbara Klemm in the meantime the interest in the work of Kirill Golovchenko grows more and more. So he gots the Price of Documentary Photography by the Wüstenrot Foundation 2007/2008, a fellowship by the DAAD, also invitations to a couple of documentary photo exhibitions, and at least the printing of the book »7 km« was friendly supported by the Stiftung Kunstfonds.

7km – Field of Wonders
Photographs by Kirill Golovchenko
Published by Snoeck Publisher, 2010
25,2 × 21 cm / 144pages / with 75 color illustr. / hardcover
Price: 29,80 Euro
ISBN 978-3-940953-31-5


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