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Krishna Sriram

Krishna Sriram

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South Africa - The Equality March

I am not sure if some of you already know about this, but the white minorities in South Africa plan to protest against the ANC on March 21 2011. They are doing this because of the reverse discrimination they have suffered in the past sixteen years, after Apartheid was abolished. As many of you may already know, around white farmers have been murdered in this time frame, and these aren’t just petty hate crimes, they are brutal and cold blooded murders. You can see the brutality for yourself by just googling the topic. In order to add fuel to the fire, ANCYL president Julius Malema recently sang “Kill the Boer, Kill the farmer” in front of scores of Black college students on Human Rights Day. This has prompted a few White South Africans to organize this march. I post this here hoping that one of you can forward this to your colleagues/friends at a publication, news agency or newspaper. Someone needs to do a story on this issue, and it needs to be covered by international media. Many of the facebook group members have already written to the BBC and CNN. Any help from one of you will be appreciated.

Quoting the facebook group:

More than 30 years ago the Black people of this country marched and protested for equal rights in South Africa… and here we are today facing similar problems… the only difference is that the roles have been reversed.

For the last 16 years there has been a rapid decline in protecting the rights of White People in South Africa. Yes, South Africa has a terrible past but with the current conditions in South Africa it is only a matter of time before history repeats itself… this time however, the roles will be reversed.

White people in South Africa over the last 16 years have become victims of direct discrimination, racism and hate speech. The ANC Government has shown that it does not care much for the white “tribe” in South Africa.

In 16 years, 3000 White farmers have been murdered, tens of thousands of white people lost their jobs or were refused a job because they were white even though they were more qualified than their black counterparts. Millions of white people have left South Africa because of the racism and discrimination shown towards them.

You find yourself living in a country where top officials in a political party call on his comrades to sing songs about killing you because you are white, to hate you because of something you weren’t even part of, to rally against you and show you no respect because of the color of your skin.

The Time has arrived that white people, in South Africa, start to rise up and let their voices be heard… we have had enough of reverse discrimination, we have had enough of the death threats, we have had enough of being blamed for something that shouldn’t be an excuse anymore…

It is time for white people to claim what is rightfully theirs… A country where we aren’t hated for being white, a country where we can live peacefully with other races, a country where we can get a job if we are qualified, a country where we won’t be threatened or killed because of the color of our skin.

It is time to stop procrastinating and hoping that someone else will do something… It is time to get up and fight for your right to be a white South African. It is time to sing our own struggle songs and show how unhappy we are with the current conditions in this country. It is time to turn the complaining and blaming and STAND UP AND MARCH! It is Time to ask for true EQUALITY!

Let us show our government that we are African, South African and White. Let us show our government that we will not stand for this pure hatred, racism and discrimination that they throw at us.

Let us march to Parliament on the 21st of March 2011(Human Rights Day and show that we also have rights. HUMAN RIGHTS!

Let us stand united a year from now and walk for white rights and show that we are not ashamed of being white, that we are not going to tolerate the discrimination and racism anymore. Let us show that we are also South African and will be till the end of time!

This march is by no means a march to show that white people are superior or that we are the most important people in South Africa… neither is it a march to want more rights than any other ethnicity… we, as the white race in South Africa, just want the same rights as every other race in South Africa… nothing more, nothing less. No hidden agendas, no fair or unfair discrimination, no hidden racism etc. We just want to be South African and proud of it.


So what are we marching for…

We are Marching for:

- Equality

- To Stop Racism

- To Stop Discrimination

- To fight against Hate Speech towards Whites

- To improve security for Farmers and their Families.


(Anyone can partake in this march, whether you are white, black, coloured, indian, asian etc…)


25 Mar 2010 00:03 | 0 replies

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