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Leon Oosthuizen

Profession: Photograher
Status: The art of fine photography!
Location: Cape Town , South Africa
Home base: Cape Town
URL: http://leonslens.com/
Email: •••••••• (private)
Organization: leonslens
Journal: http://leonslens.com/blog/
Mobile phone (while in Cape Town): •••••••• (private)
Last login: about 3 years ago
Member since: 02 Mar 2012 07:03


I create, because I’ve been created and would violate my deepest needs and convictions if I don’t.

No I’m not addicted to photography. Addict makes reference to something that is external that you willingly let latch onto you, that controls you.
Photography is an expression of who I am – I dont know or understand anything else apart from creating visually. Its like being left-handed – its coded into who I am, not an external thing I got addicted to.
Either you make images, or you like images. I create, come hell or high water, come PC or Mac, come camera or pen & paper. Its how I speak best.

I am the kamera-mamba-ninja, the light wrangler, a photon cowboy. I tame wild ideas, break concepts in and saddle them up.
I translate thoughts into visuals. I make eye-poetry.

An image is said to speak 1000 words.
I can make them speak the right 1000 for you.
I speak Pic powerfully.

I address your needs with my images.
This is the Art of Fine Photography.
This is me at your service.



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