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Levon Sevunts

Levon Sevunts

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Profession: Writer/Journalist/Produce
Location: Montreal , Canada
Home base: Montreal
URL: http://sevunts.com
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Languages spoken: English, French, Russian, Armenian
Skype: Sevleva12 sevleva12
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Emergency notes: Contact Emily Sevunts.
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Levon Sevunts is an award winning Montreal-based freelance journalist.
Born and raised in Armenia, Levon started his journalistic career in 1990, covering wars and civil strife in the
Caucasus and Central Asia for a number of Armenian and Russian independent news outlets.
In 1992, after the government shut down the TV program Levon was working for, he immigrated to Canada. He learned English and graduated from McGill University with a BA in Political Science.
In 1999, Levon started writing a foreign affairs column for the Montreal Gazette.
In November 2001, he received the Norman Webster Award for Foreign Reporting for his work in Afghanistan.
His work has appeared in major Canadian newspapers and magazines, including The National Post, The Toronto Star, The New York Times and The Washington Times, the Reader’s Digest, Canadian Business, Today’s Parent, U.S. Homeland Security & Defense Magazine, as well as BBC, CBC, Global TV and Tele-Quebec.
In July and August 2004, Levon was on a freelance assignment in Chad and Darfur for The Toronto Star and The Washington Times. He was the first Canadian journalist to report from the rebel-held part of Darfur. In May and June 2005, he was an embedded reporter for The Washington Times and The Toronto Star with U.S. and Canadian troops in Afghanistan.
Currently Levon is the producer of The Link, a two-hour daily radio show on Radio Canada International http://www.rcinet.ca/english/program/the-link/home/
Levon is fluent in English, French, Russian and Armenian, and has basic knowledge of Arabic.



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