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Leah Schmidt

Leah Schmidt

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Location: Fife , United Kingdom
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Pricing, again

I know this isn’t the first post about this subject and surely not the last.

I recently photographed at the two biggest fashion shows held at my university for the student paper. These were shows that had everyone from student designers to Prada and other big names. Now I’ve recieved requests from some of the models (fellow students) about getting copies of the photos (prints) that’s fine.

However, there are a few designers who are also interested and I’m at a loss of what to charge and how to write up a contract for their use. One person is a student who wants 4 or so photos on a disk for her portfolio/publicity use. The other is a what appears to be a fairly large company, who could obviously pay a fair amount for the photos. They want to use the photo on their website and as publicity.

I’ve never sold work before, nor have much experience with contracts/licensing etc. so I’m looking for some general guidelines of what would be fair rates and rights.


29 Apr 2007 15:04 | 3 replies

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