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Manuel Giron

Manuel Giron

Travel History

Profession: Freelance Photographer
Location: Mexico City , Mexico ( MEX )
Home base: Spain
URL: http://www.manuelgiron.com
Email: •••••••• (private)
Mobile email: •••••••• (private)
Languages spoken: Spanish, English and French.I understand Italian and some Portuguese.
MSN Messenger: mcgiron@hotmail.com
Skype: •••••••• (private)
Mobile phone: +34-620.88.04.07
Blood type: O +
Last login: over 3 years ago
Member since: 28 Aug 2007 15:08


I have been professional assistant for the last 12 years on fields such as:Advertisement, Architecture, Art books, Fashion, Portrait and the Film Industry.
I begun shooting dancers and theater companies, as student in my early years.
With my personal work I have been contributor for media agencies and magazines during the years, mainly for automotive and lifestyle issues.
I love the snapshots, photojournalism ( the story telling in fact), portraits, and travel. The narrative touch me deep.


Recent Post

28mm rangefinder suggestion

Hi, I would like to ask for some advise to those of you that are using Leica´s M system(mainly) or similar(Minolta, Voitglander) rangefinder.
I´ve been reading and searching enough to have “some” idea about the pro´s and “contra´s” about the options for a 28mm. I´m not in a hurry, but I wanna think of it carefully to invest wisely.
I have a Minolta CLE and I´m very happy with the performance quality and the size of that equipmet.
And I wanna get a 28mm(second hand will work). If it´s possible the original(Rokkor), if not maybe one LEICA.
Then the issue is that I rather to get the best quality as possible, not saying brighter (rather a 2.8 than a 2, usually I don´t shoot wide open), just in case that I can afford (in the future) a M9 to keep working in the same way with the digital keeping the focal lenght and the manual focus. Then I could have some kit to start with it and progressively upgrade.

So…Wich will be your options between the SUMMICRON, ELMARIT, ROKKOR, or other?? and why? I´ve read very good reviews about the original ROKKOR as well as the ELMARIT altought the difference on the price that is almost the double.
But I wanna hear the expiriences from the people that already use them…any suggestions, or warnings.

Thank you, have great day!!

06 Oct 2009 22:10 | 11 replies


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