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marco simola

marco simola

Travel History

Profession: Freelance Photographer
Location: Lima , Peru ( LIM )
Home base: Lima, Peru
URL: http://www.marcosimola.jimdo.com
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Languages spoken: Italian, Spanish, English
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I’m Italian, I was born in Florence.
I am a freelance photographer currently based in Lima, Peru and available for assignment worldwide. I’m oriented toward investigation of social realities, communities and identity related issues.

Expo and publication
My works were exposed in many galleries in Italy and in some virtual galleries in Internet.

2010 February. Um Livro sobre a morte, MUBE (Museo Brasileiro da Escultura) Sao Paulo, Brasil.
2010 January. Exhibition at Vertice Gallery in Lima
2009 December. JPG On Line Magazine, publish an essay about the work of Doctores Bola Roja during Xmas time in a couple of hospitals in Lima.

2009 December. Plateform Magazine publish a reportage about the work of Doctores Bola Roja in Iquitos, Peru.
2009 December. Bronze Award at International Aperture Award in Landscape and People and Portrait categories.
2009 November. I was selected among the campaign’s 50 best photographs! of the Humanizing Development Global Photography Campaign organized by UNDP
2009 November. FOTOCACERES. Opticas Iberoamericanas. Badajoz, España.
2009 November. Witness Journall publish reportage about the work of Bola Roja Doctors in Peru.
2009 November. www.phe.es/blogsandisk/ public 18 photos of serie “Metro”.
2009 november. Demotix webpage publish my reportage about “The Day of dead” in their Homepage. Some days after published another reportage about a march for Peace in Lima
2009 november. I was invited to participate to UNICEF Photo of the Year 2009 Award
2009 October. Italian Magazine “LATITUDES” publish a large reportage about Lord of Miracle Procession in Lima, Peru
2009 October. “NOCHE DE ARTE” exposure in Lima, Peru.
2009 October. “ART FEST” Opening party with 80 Artists. Lima Peru
2009 October. FOTOCACERES. Opticas Iberoamericanas. Caceres, España.
2009 August. Que Pasa Magazine of Chile published an article titled “La revancha de los ejecutivos peruanos” containing my photographs.
2009 July. Frame Lines Australian On Line Magazine publish 10 photo of the serie Landscapes
2009 June. Napoli (Italy) “VENTIPERVENTI” – terza edizione – 2009. Lineadarte – Officina Creativa
2009 May. BEAUTIFUL LANDSCAPES Exhibition in 3 Bedfordbury Gallery, Covent Garden, London.
2009 March. BE BOHEME Exhibition in Asia Beach, Lima Peru, together with other 9 peruvian photographs.
2008 October. “NOCHE DE ARTE” art exposure in Lima, Peru.
2008 July. I’ve won the Web Community Award in the International Fahrenheit Photo Competition sponsored by Christian Dior Paris.
2008 July. “SIPOPSIS” Exhibition, Coco de Mar Gallery, Lima, Peru.
2006 November. Spazio 10 gallery in Ivrea (Italy). Solo exposition of “Metro”.

More Info
2009 April. I publish my first photographic book, Metro. About the subway of the Italian city of Milan (http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/658466).
2008 November. I got the possibility to participate, in Lima, to a very interesting two days workshop with Spanish photographer JUAN MANUEL CASTRO PRIETO.
2006 April. I got a one day workshop in Milan with American photographer STANLEY GREEN.

As a free-lance my photographs have appeared in many European on-line and written magazines such as Plen Air (Italy), Que Pasa (Chile), Religioscope (Swiss), Manzarock (Peru), Il Mondo, RevolutionArt, Latitudes, Asociacion Fotografica Manises (Spain), Zapping Peru, ZoneZero.com, Frame Lines, Demotix.com, Nuestramirada.org, Witness Journal (Italy), Plateform Magazine (France), F-Stop Magazine, worthathousandblurbs.com, Caposud (Italy), Burn Magazine etc.
I collaborate with:



marco simola. pp. pp. pp. 52, 53, Spring - Summer 2010. "Architecture" REVISTA, Harvard Review of Latin America , Spring 2010. "Modernity in Peru" REVISTA, Harvard Review of Latin America , pp. pp. pp. 52, 53, Spring - Summer 2010. "Architecture" REVISTA, Harvard Review of Latin America . Spring 2010.
marco simola. pp. Front Page, Feb 2010. "Settlers block Pan-American South road in Lima" Demotix , pp. Front Page. Feb 2010.
marco simola. pp. Frontpage, Feb 2010. "Murder in Miraflores" Demotix , pp. Frontpage. Feb 2010.
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marco simola. pp. 72-91, Dec 9 2009. "Bola Roja" PLATEFORM Magazine , pp. 72-91. Dec 9 2009.
marco simola. pp. Front Page, Nov 28 2009. "March for Peace in Lima, Peru" Demotix , pp. Front Page. Nov 28 2009.
marco simola. pp. Numero 26, Nov 2009. "Bola Roja" Witness Journal , pp. Numero 26. Nov 2009.
marco simola. pp. Front Page, Nov 1 2009. ""Dia de los muertos" - Day of the Dead in Lima" Demotix , pp. Front Page. Nov 1 2009.
marco simola. pp. pp. 105-124, Oct 2009. "Incenso e miracoli" Latitudes , pp. pp. 105-124. Oct 2009.
marco simola. "La revancha de los ejecutivos peruanos" Qué Pasa , Aug 4 2009.



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Photographer resident in West Bengal

An italian NGO is looking for a photographer resident in West Bengal, in India in order to document their work there. They can’t pay for travel expenses, that’s why the photographer must be resident there.
If interested please contact me.

27 Sep 2010 12:09 | 1 replies


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