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Location: London , United Kingdom
Home base: Nowhere really!
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Languages spoken: english
Organization: SUP Magazine / Cult-Geist
AIM/iChat: marisabrick
Work phone + 44 (0) 207 462 7152
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i publish a music and art magazine called sup – www.supmag.com. this is a personal project and not my full-time profession.

for my day job, i run a global creative network where we work with freelancers on music, art, fashion, film and community regeneration projects with and without the support of brands. we are always looking for photographers, filmmakers and other creative people in cities all over the world.

our website is not fully up yet, but is www.cultgeist.com – we will soon have a showcase of the film, web and photo work from some of the people from our network.

we have a music blog where bands can post mp3s (which we need to start promoting) music.cultgeist.com.

we curated an art exhibition last year entitled “sightseeing tour”. we made a limited edition book and are hosting an exhibition in london which goes up 4 july… website coming soon for this…

to sign up for our newsletter to hear about our projects, send an email to marisa@cultgeist.com


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We are trying to find young people in Germany who can create something (films, stories, photo montages, collages, sound pieces, etc) that responds to the notion that there is a new sense of optimism/pride amongst German youth.

Please email me for the full project brief.

Please specify if you agree with that statement and how you think you could bring your opinion to life visually! Please be as creative as possible – we are open to all ideas!

We are paying €100 euros for 5 photos with captions and €250 euros for 3-5 minute short films / video footage.

Please pitch your idea to marisa@cultgeist.com.


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