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Mark Doyle

Mark Doyle
Profession: Digital Photo Lab
Status: Dedicated to the Printing need
Location: Worcester , United States
Home base: United States
URL: http://www.AutumnColor.com
Email: •••••••• (private)
Languages spoken: English
Organization: AutumnColor Digital Imaging
Work phone 800-533-5050
Last login: over 7 years ago
Member since: 04 Feb 2008 15:02


The AutumnColor Difference

All digital services that we offer are designed with the fine art photographer and digital artist in mind. Customer originals are handled with care through out our process. From start to finish AutumnColor offers a skilled staff to bring your photographic images and digital designs to life.
We have invested our resources, time, and skills in developing our closed loop color management systems and digital work flow. The result is two of the highest-quality digital printing processes available today. Both processes are available from either camera originals or customer prepared high resolution digital files.

We Are 100% Digital
All the limitations inherent in inter-negatives, enlarging lenses, negative retouching, etc. are eliminated. Our scanners capture all the sharpness and shadow detail of the original and our digital systems permit corrections of virtually any kind. (For example, you can increase color saturation without increasing contrast or decrease contrast without decreasing saturation something that is impossible in the darkroom.)

Achieving the Best Print
Our printing systems are closed-loop calibrated. This means that scans of transparencies will produce accurate color on a calibrated monitor, and the very first print will match the scan. (We accomplish this by measuring, with a spectrophotometer, over 700 color patches on special calibration prints and using this information to calibrate our printing systems.) The benefit is that no time needs to be spent in basic color correction, gray balance, and contrast, and maximum effort can be put into optimizing the digital file for the best print.

Reducing Cost
We reduce cost by calibrating our digital systems so that, with all our printing processes, effort can be concentrated on optimizing the digital file for the best print. Our Luminage Direct-Digital Process offers among the lowest cost per print of any high quality color process, because no negative is used and because the high-intensity laser system can expose a 48″ × 96″ print in just six minutes. At the same time, resolution, color quality and freedom from digital artifacts are exceptional. Also, set up cost is low so that as few as one or two prints can be made cost effectively, reducing the need for a large print inventory.

Viewing, Color Matching and Aesthetic Decisions
We set our monitors to 5000 K color temperature. We view our prints under 3200 K halogen lights at an intensity of about 1500 lux, as is typical of good gallery lighting. If your prints are to be viewed under different conditions, please tell us. Study the proofs carefully and always under the same conditions of light quality and intensity. Consult with our staff. We have decades of experience making, printing and selling fine art photographs. We will help you find the optimum combination of contrast, saturation and color that fully realizes the potential of your original.



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