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Profession: Photographer
Status: Photographer
Location: Cairo , Egypt
Home base: Nomad
URL: http://www.maysun.eu/
Email: •••••••• (private)
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Languages spoken: Spanish, English, Catalan, Basic Arabic
Organization: Freelance
Journal: http://maysunphoto.blogspot.com/
Skype: Maysun_aleina Maysun_Aleina
Mobile phone: (+34) 676415180 (Spain)
Work phone +90 (536) 4690756.
Emergency notes: Contact 0034657250190.
Contact person: Elisa Granados Orcero.
Blood type: A+
Last login: 11 months ago
Member since: 14 Mar 2008 22:03


Maysun (Spain. 1980) is a Spanish freelance photographer with no established base
by now but mainly focused in Middle East reporting. The interest of learning and her
desire to help people made her realize the necessity of documenting her surroundings.
Since 2005, she has been covering political issues, social conflicts or natural disasters
in different places such as Burma, Thailand, Kosova, Palestine/Israel, Lebanon,
Jordan, L’Aquila (Italy), Egypt or Syria.

She has been working, as a freelance, for several NGO’s and national/international
News Agencies such as EPA or ACN (Spain). Her work has been published in the
most important papers, magazines and blogs such as Time magazine, The New York
Times, The Guardian, Der Spiegel, Stern, Focus magazine, The Washington Post, Los
Angeles Times, International Herald Tribune, ABC News, NBC News, The Daily
Telegraph, Al Jazeera, Volksfreund, Die Welt, El Pais, El Mundo, CNN, Ojo de Pez
Magazine, among others.

Maysun combines her work as a documentary photographer with painting.

I’m committed to my job because I consider that it’s a way to be engaged and
consistent with my convictions and my ethics. Journalism is a way to be engaged with
our world

Awards and Grants

2013 2EME Edition Prix Lucas Dolega. Finalist.
2012 XVI International Prize of Humanitarian Photography Luis Valtuena. Finalist.
2011 PHE Ojo de Pez Human Values Award. Finalist.
2009 International Photography Awards 2009. Honorable Mention.
2009 Fotoactivate Awards by Inspiraction NGO and Vice Magazine. Winner.
2009 Enfoca Awards by Share Asociation 2009. Finalist.
2008 Foto-Nikon Award. Finalist.
2008 New Talent Fnac Grant 2008. Finalist.
2008 XI International Photojournalism Award – City of Gijon. Finalist.
2008 XI International Photojournalism Grant – City of Gijon. Winner.



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We are a group of international journalists who have covered the civilian casualties and targeting of the Dar al Shifaa hospital in Aleppo, Syria .

We have seen the horrors of ordinary men, women and children killed by bombs, artillery and gunfire, and witnessed severely wounded Syrians arriving and leaving in taxis and trucks due to the hospital having only one functioning ambulance.

After speaking with hospital staff who risk their lives daily and collaborating with the Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS), we’ve decided one small thing we can do is raise the money for a used ambulance for this hospital.

SAMS estimates a quality ambulance can be purchased in Europe and delivered to Aleppo for $10,000. Time is of essence as every day civilians die in the streets of Aleppo for lack of emergency transportation.

“The Syrian American Medical Society, SAMS, ”http://www.sams-usa.net">www.sams-usa.net supports raising funds for ambulances for Dar-al-Shifaa hospital in Aleppo, Syria by a group of international journalists who have reported on Dar-al-Shifaa.
SAMS will make sure that the money donated will go to purchase an Ambulance that will be delivered to Dar-Al-Shifaa as soon as possible to help in evacuation of the wounded and saving lives. We encourage you to donate generously.
Let us prove to Syrians under bombardment that the US and the world care about them."

-Zaher Sahloul, MD


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