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Michael Cockerham

Michael Cockerham

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Profession: Documentalistic Bystander
Status: Image Matters
Location: Cologne , Germany
Home base: London, U.K
URL: http://www.michaelcockerham.com
Email: •••••••• (private)
Mobile email: •••••••• (private)
Languages spoken: English
Organization: Blue Filter
Journal: http://www.bluefilter.co.uk
MSN Messenger: michaelcockerham@hotmail.com
Skype: Mcockerham mcockerham
Mobile phone: 07702 603445
Home phone: •••••••• (private)
Work phone +44 (0)1322 528617
Emergency notes: •••••••• (private)
Blood type: A+
Last login: 29 days ago
Member since: 16 Dec 2005 02:12





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Recent Post

Gear for sale

I am having a rationalisation of my gear, plenty of bits and bobs that are not getting the use they once did, and I although my heart strings pull at the thought of parting with some of this, I would rather that it went to a good home where someone will make great images with it.

If there is anything that you fancy from the list please PM me and I will give you a full rundown of the condition and you can make a (sensible) offer and we can discuss.


Nikon F5 Body
Nikon MD 12 motordrive (for FM2)
Nikon FN2N Chrome
Nikon SB-28
Nikon HN1 lenshood for 24mm f2.8
Nikkor 24mm f2.8 AFD BOXED
Leica M6 (classic) Black BOXED
Leica 35mm f2 summicron (not ASPH) with hood BOXED
Leica 5mm f1.5 Summarit with original lens cap
Leica XOONS (lens hood for summarit)
Rollei 6001 complete with Rollei 80mm f2.8 Planar HFT
Rollei 6006 Mk2 complete with Rollei 80mm f2.8 Planar
Rollei 6000 series film insert
Mamiya RZ 67 Pro II complete 110 f2.8
Mamiya RZ 50mm f4.5
Mamiya RZ Polaroid film back
Mamiya RZ 120 film back
Mamiya 6MF with 75mm f3.5 and hood
Metz 45 CL4 with nicad and charger and standard battery pack
Metz 45 CL1 with nicad and charger and standard battery pack
Nikon SJ1 filter kit (for SB800)x2 NEW UNUSED
Nikon SB800 (requires tube replacement, so for spares or could be repaired)
Cromatek filterbox lens shade x2
Billingham 445 Nytex bag
Billingham 445 Black canvas bag

This last thing may interest someone:
Netgear SC101 with 2x Maxtor 320Gb drives

18 Feb 2012 16:02 | 3 replies


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