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Morten Svenningsen

Morten Svenningsen

Travel History

Profession: Photojournalist, fotograf
Location: Rønne , Denmark
Home base: Rønne, Bornholm
URL: http://www.mortensvenningsen.com
URL: http://www.mortensvenningsen.com/bornholmskebil...
Email: •••••••• (private)
Languages spoken: English, Danish, Nepali
Organization: freelance
Journal: http://www.mortensvenningsen.com/blog/
Mobile phone: (+45) 21682220
Last login: almost 4 years ago
Member since: 18 Jan 2007 04:01


Photojournalist Morten Svenningsen is based on the Danish island of Bornholm, close to Copenhagen, South Sweden, Poland and the Baltic States.

Morten has worked 5 years in Nepal/Asia and is the director of Gaia Photos, a network of top photojournalists from around the world. He specializes in documentary reportage, travel, portraiture and human interest stories.

He won the award as Danish travel photographer of the year in 2005 and his work has appeared in book publications, magazines and newspapers such as VAGABOND and THE INDEPENDENT. Commissions include work for NGOs like SAVE THE CHILDREN and commercial organizations such as FIFA.



Recent Post

Introducing GAIA PHOTOS - New showcase for photojournalism

I’d like to introduce you all to GAIA PHOTOS, http://www.gaia-photos.com. Gaia is a web platform showcasing the work of leading photojournalists and new talents from around the world. On the web site, our members are constantly presenting some of their recent work, allowing everyone to keep up to date with great new photo features.

Started 4 months ago, Gaia now has 34 members and 42 features from our 6 regions of the world being presented on the site. Basically, Gaia is a multi-user blog, with a fancy front page tuned for photographic content. In the style of a web magazine.

One of the ideas here is that, by showing our work together like this, we provide a single reference point for photo editors to find new and interesting work in the niche field we are focusing on: Social, humanitarian and environmental issues. Busy photo editors hardly have time to keep up to date with a hundred individual PJ web sites, checking now and then only to see that nothing is new. With Gaia, that’s no so! New work is constantly ticking in from around the world and being presented on the site. Gaia connects its photographers with each other, our audience and perhaps from time to time, new clients. Perhaps some time down the road, we will do some collaborative projects together, providing a unique global coverage about various issues.

In challenging times like these, I think there are many more advantages of networking and building up a brand larger than any single one of us. The internet presents challenges and opportunities we can’t ignore. But enough said now. What it’s all about is great visual storytelling. The cornerstone of our profession. So I invite you all to have a look from time to time and perhaps find new inspiration, insight and appreciation of the enormous diversity of our world.

Best wishes for the future of photojournalism!

Morten Svenningsen

PS : We are open for new members, especially in areas of the world where we aren’t represented yet. If you are interested in membership – and if you are an actively working (freelance) photojournalist who work on social, humanitarian and environmental issues, you are welcome to apply for membership. Please take a look at the site for further details: http://www.gaia-photos.com/join-gaia/ . But note, we are quite selective about members. It is not a new flickr or a citizen journalism project. It is a professional network.

Needles to say, but I’ll say it anyway, you will retain full copyright of your text and images you post on Gaia and you can remove it anytime in the future if you want. Gaia is NOT an agency, we will NOT try and sell your work. Just help you showcase it to the world and direct possible buyers to contact YOU.

05 Apr 2009 14:04 | 7 replies


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