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Moz Bulbeck

Moz Bulbeck
Profession: Photographer
Status: Documenting the world
Location: Southfields , United Kingdom
Home base: London
URL: http://www.mozbphotography.com
Email: •••••••• (private)
Languages spoken: English
Organization: mozbphotography
Skype: Mozbphotography mozbphotography
Mobile phone: +44 (0)7732 464 061
Emergency notes: Contact Marte Lundby Rekaa.
Contact Marte Lundby Rekaa in London at marte@mlrfoto.com
Last login: over 6 years ago
Member since: 27 Nov 2006 13:11


mozbphotography is the company name for Moz Bulbeck, the Australian born and trained photographer currently based in London, UK.

In 2002 Moz boldly moved to Europe where she could ‘find that added stimulus that the sympathetic European environment offers an artist who wants to reach beyond what they already know’.

Currently working on a fine art project involving a symphony, synaethesia, and a small cast, Moz has been keeping her shutter finger active on contract at two small independently run portrait studios in the South West of London, and is again now taking on limited corporate and commercial projects for select clients. She is also taking time to develop a voice within the global fine art photography community and enjoying a return to study through independent research and short art and music courses.


Photographically trained at James Cook University in Townsville, Australia, in her graduating year she took up the position of Picture Editor with the weekly 20 page university newspaper, Bullsheet. It was during this time that she developed a love of pictorial story telling, especially through portraiture. She often found herself in media scrums over politicians, accompanying cowboys and miners while they worked, or on the sidelines snapping national basketball and football games. Today, she continues to pursue interesting characters and to tell their stories through their faces and pictures.

Upon her move to London in 2002 Moz found work as the in-house photographer for an international business networking organisation which lead to unique photographic opportunities of a political and business nature. “Its been fun hanging out with secret service agents from all over the world, but more fun when the press snappers have to wait behind closed doors while I get to go in, snap away but also listen to the speeches given by major global figures and made under Chatham House Rules.”

November 2006 saw Moz return to the world of freelancing and has continued to expand her strong folio. Commissioned by marketeers, designers, producers and PR professionals, Moz believes in empathetically listening to the clients needs and delivering as close to brief as possible. “A really great press snapper I worked under on the Gold Coast, Wayne Jones told me to always shoot three ways. One for the client, one for the editor and one for yourself. That way you’ll always keep everyone happy! I believe that invaluable little gem has been pivotal to my works success, whether to help me freshen my work when I feel the shoot getting a bit monotonous, or reminding myself that in the commercial world you really need to listen to the client”.

Her very different Australian and UK experience means she is comfortable in the most regal of places, the dirtiest of places, and in the company of some of the globe’s most intimidating figures. From sieges in the Gold Coast hinterland, documenting the people of Palm Island, backstage with Russell Brand or getting General Sir Mike Jackson to smile, Moz finds herself quite at home with a camera in her hand.

“For me, being a photographer is probably the one thing I am completely at home being. But I very much respect that it is a privilege to be a photographer. A camera opens doors and those doors often lead to very private places in a person or peoples world. I will never underestimate what a great honour it is being given the trust of those who let me in.”

Additional notes:

A photographic alliance in late 2006 with successful European photographer Marte Lundby Rekaa has led to collaborative commissions for Barclays Bank and for a second year, the Governor of the US State of Virginia. More on Marte and Moz’s Creative Co-Operative…

For online examples of some of Moz’s commercial work please go to the following client sites : The Risk Advisory Group – BTR International.

In 2009/2010 Moz hopes to exhibit for the first time in the UK showcasing her fine art photography. To receive an invitation to the exhibition please email info@mozbphotography.com.

Moz shoots digital, film and slide using Canon equipment, while all post production is done using Macs.



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