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Nicholas Ganz

Nicholas Ganz

Travel History

Profession: photographer / author
Location: Essen , Germany ( DUS )
Home base: Essen, Germany
URL: http://www.nicholasganz.de
URL: http://www.umbruch-bildarchiv.de/bildarchiv/ere...
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Languages spoken: German, English
Organization: freelance
Journal: http://keinomplanet.blogsport.eu
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Nicholas Ganz is a freelance photographer and author based in Essen, Germany. He has documented graffiti and street art throughout the world for more than 20 years and released two books on this subject.

In 2004 his first book “Graffiti World – Street Art from five continents”, a survey on this international movement, was first published by Thames & Hudson and also released in 12 translated co-editions. A new version of this book was released in May 2009, called “Graffiti World – Updated Edition”.

His second book “Graffiti Woman” was released in 2006, also first released by Thames & Hudson and published in 5 translated co-editions.

During the last years, he was working on the human rights situation in Burma and has travelled this country and neighbouring Thailand on several occasions.
As a result, together with co-author Elena Jotow the collaborated book “Burma – the alternative guide” was released in April 2009 by Thames & Hudson.

In November 2012 his book “Unterwegs in Burma – eine Reise zum Volk der Shan” (Travelling in Burma – a journey to the Shan people) was published.

Recently he has travelled to Nepal to document the country’s social situation and the situation of Exile-Tibetans in Nepal. Another new book project is in preparation.



Nicholas Ganz. pp. pp. 80-81, Aug 1 2008. Underground-Musik in Burmas Diktatur Rock Hard , pp. pp. 80-81. Aug 1 2008.


Recent Post

Street Messages book funding


I like to inform you about my crowdfunding campaign for my upcoming graffiti book about texts, slogans and poems in public space – “Street Messages” and like to ask you for your support.

I would be very happy, when you support this campaign and spread the word to your contacts or publish it on your facebook or blog. Every support would be very helpful to make this project a success.

“Street Messages” will be the first ever published book, that is extensively presenting the history of written messages in public space and highlights their most influential artist of today.

You can find the campaign here: http://www.sponsume.com/project/street-messages-book

For any further questions, please contact me and I thank you very much for your attention and support.

With my best regards,
Nicholas Ganz

Street Messages

- press release –

Ten years after his best-selling book „Graffiti World“, author and photographer Nicholas Ganz is back with another work about a so far under-documented part of the world-wide graffiti and street art culture: the written word in public space.

Since the 05. December 2013 a crowd-funding campaign has started to enable and finance the deepening research. We would be very happy, when you support the project and write about it. Every support will help to realise this idea.


The book “Street Messages” presents texts, slogans and poems in public space and portrays it’s artists and political campaigns, who are specialists in this field. It will be published around the end of 2014 or most likely spring 2015 by the Swedish publisher Dokument Press.

„Street Messages“ will be the first ever published book, that is highlighting written texts in public space in all it’s depth. It will be the first book, that is making a historic connection between ancient cave-paintings, the Mayan and Egyptian glyphs to modern representatives of the graffiti and street art culture. No other book has ever drawn this line to show the historic importance of art in public space from the beginning of mankind until today in such intensity.

The book will portray artists from all over the world with prominent names such as Jenny Holzer, Kid Acne or Morley, but it will also bring a light into countries, that have been under-documented in the graffiti boom, such as Bangladesh, Yemen, Lebanon, Nepal or Israel.

the crowd-funding campaign:

For the research of this book, several journeys are necessary to be undertaken to document the historic and present-day developments and to carry out final interviews. To realise the book in it’s original idea and to create a substantial work, a support is required, that you can get to know to on the website of the campaign. We would be very happy, when you will support this project.

Thank you very much for your interest and for any further questions, please contact us.

You can find the crowdfunding campaign here:


For further information or interview requests please contact the author directly:

Nicholas Ganz
Rellinghauser Str. 362
45136 Essen / Germany
eMail: info@keinom.com
telephone: +49 – (0)201 – 45867057
mobile: +
49 – (0)174 – 5318967

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