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Profession: Photojournalist
Status: Nikon-Nikoff
Location: [undisclosed location].
Home base: USA
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Languages spoken: English
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More on Internships

As paid and mostly unpaid interns especially in the news and entertainment fields increase and article that looks at the benefits and the cons of internships, I did mine in the early eighties with AP and other places as I am sure most might have done as well. The question is does it benefit both sides ot just one? Use up a worker for free with very little knowledge being gained by the intern. Or as in the journalism/entertainment circle it’s not what you know or have learned working for various places but just being able to say that you did work for this and that place, even if you don’t tell that all you really did was get coffee all day or was as today put in front of a PC and told to do workflow for everyone at this office and get coffee for the true professionals?

There is a report about this in the New York Times, Business Section for April 2nd 2010

03 Apr 2010 15:04 | 1 replies

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