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Nigel Crawhall

Nigel Crawhall

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Profession: Problem Solver
Location: New York , United States ( JFK )
Home base: Cape Town, South Africa
URL: http://www.ipacc.org.za
URL: http://www.theravada.org.za
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Languages spoken: English, French, German, Afrikaans, Portuguese, N/u, Swahili
Organization: IPACC
MSN Messenger: ping50@hotmail.com
Skype: Nigel_crawhall nigel_crawhall
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Work phone +27216743260
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Blood type: O-
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Where is Nigel?
My Schedule:

Here is my itinerary in 2011.

3 – 10 April: Morges, Gland & Geneva – IUCN WCPA Steering Committee meeting;

10 – 14 April: London – various meetings with partners and donors;
14-15 Apri: Flying home;
15 April – 6 May: Cape Town;
7 – 12 May: Ottawa & Montreal to see family and CBD meetings;
12 – 27 May: UNPFII in NYC + WCS meeting and video;
28 May – 6 June; Cape Town;
6 – 12 June: Nairobi – Religious leaders climate meeting at UNEP and meetings with IUCN ESARO;


Nigel Crawhall, sociolinguist, researcher, activist. Special interests: human rights, indigenous peoples rights, democratic good governance, intercultural dialogue, cultural heritage and resource management, HIV /AIDS education and prevention, interfaith dialogue and cooperation, promotion of tolerance, environmental policy

BA Hons in Political Science, McGill University 
MPhil in Linguistics, University of Zimbabwe
PhD in Linguistics, University of Cape Town

2007 Visiting Scholar at the Institutt for Sosialantropologi, Universitet i Tromsø, Norway
Currently Director of Secretariat for the Indigenous Peoples of Africa Co-ordinating Committee www.ipacc.org.za
IUCN Chair of the Strategic Direction / Theme on Indigenous Peoples, Local Communities, Equity and Protected Areas (TILCEPA)


Rambaldi, G. J. Muchemi, N. Crawhall and L. Monaci (2007) Through the Eyes of Hunter-Gatherers: participatory 3D modelling among Ogiek indigenous peoples in Kenya in Information Development, Vol. 23, No. 2-3, 113-128 (2007)
Crawhall, N. (2006). Languages, Genetics and Archaeology: Problems and the Possibilities in Africa. In: The Prehistory of Africa Ed. H. Soodyal. Jonathan Ball publishing.
Crawhall, N. (2006) MDGs, Globalisation and Indigenous Peoples in Africa in Indigenous Affairs 1/2006. Copenhagen: IWGIA.
Crawhall, N. (2005) Story of !Ui: Causality and Language Shift in Africa. In Creating Outsiders, Endangered Languages, Migration and Marginalisation. Proceedings of the Ninth Conference. Eds N. Crawhall and N. Ostler. Bath, UK: Foundation for Endangered Languages
Crawhall, N (2005) Too Good to Leave Behind: The N l u language and the ‡Khomani people of Gordonia District in R. Finlayson and S. Slabbert (eds) Language and Identities in a Postcolony Southern African perspectives. Schriften zur Afrikanistik – Research in African Studies Vol. 10. Frankfurt: Peter Lang Publishing.
Crawhall, N. (2004). African Indigenous Peoples’ Workshop on Traditional Knowledge, Identity and Livelihoods. Cape Town: IPACC.
Crawhall, N. (2003). Recovering land and language in the southern Kalahari. In: Maintaining the Links: Language, Identity and the Land. Proceedings of the seventh conference presented by the Foundation for Endangered Languages. Broome, Western Australia. 22nd – 24th September 2003. Ed. J. Blythe, and M. Brown, R. Bath, UK: Foundation for Endangered Languages.
Crawhall, N (2001) Written in the Sand: Auditing and Managing Cultural Resources with Displaced Indigenous Peoples. UNESCO / SASI: Cape Town
Crawhall, N. (1999) “San and Khoe rights, identity and language survival in South Africa” in G. Maharaj, Between Unity and Diversity: Essays on Nation Building in Post Apartheid South Africa. IDASA: Cape Town, SA.
International Labour Office (1999) Indigenous peoples of South Africa: current trends. Project for the Rights of Indigenous and Tribal Peoples. ILO: Geneva. Research, text and photographs provided by N. Crawhall.
Crawhall, N. (1999) “Reclaiming Rights, Resources and Identity: the power of an ancient San language” in Voices, Values and Identities 1998 Symposium. (ed) Y. Dladla. Record of the Proceedings. 25-27 August 1998, Kruger National Park. South African National Parks: Pretoria.
Crawhall, N (1999) “Going to a better life: Perspectives on the future of language in education for San and Khoe South Africans” in conference
proceedings of the World Congress of Comparative Education, UCT. July 1998. Guest editor L. Limage. Elsevier Science, Exeter: UK: 323-335.
Crawhall, N (1999) Using a sociolinguistic approach to safe sex promotion in Cape Town: the challenges of multiculturalism in Vivre et penser le SIDA en Afrique (eds) C. Becker et al. Editions Karthala and CODESRIA: Paris.
Reitzes, M and N. Crawhall (1999) Accessing the SADC Amnesty: The Urban Experience in The New South Africans? Immigration Amnesties and their Aftermath. (eds) Crush, J and V. Williams. SAMP / IDASA: Cape Town.
Reitzes, M. and N. Crawhall (1998) Silenced by Nation-building: the Exclusion of African migrants in South Africa. Occasional publication. South African Migration Project: Cape Town.
Crawhall, N (1997) Taking Language into New Domains in The Feasibility of Technical Development in African Languages. Edited by National Terminology Services. Dept of Arts Culture Science and Technology: Pretoria.
Crawhall, N. (ed) (1992) Democratically Speaking: International Perspectives on Language Planning. National Language Project: Cape Town



Nigel Crawhall. Foundation for Endangered Languages , pp. pp. 71-81, Oct 2005. Story of !Ui: Causality and Language Shift in Africa Foundation for Endangered Languages , pp. pp. 71-81. Oct 2005.
Nigel Crawhall. Language & Identities in a Postcolony , pp. pp. 67-90, Oct 2005. Too Good to Leave Behind: The N/u language and ‡Khomani People of Gordonia District Language & Identities in a Postcolony , pp. pp. 67-90. Oct 2005.
Nigel Crawhall. The new Courier , pp. 38, May 2005. The San: Sustainable Development Before Its Time The new Courier , pp. 38. May 2005.


Recent Post

Instability in Northern Niger

I’ve just returned from a mission to Agadez and Iferouane. We were concerned about the security situation there. There was a rebel attack on the military base at Iferouane in February 2007, with three soldiers killed. The attackers were apparently locals, ex-rebels and youth who are frustrated with the economic and political situation in northern Niger. They were quite restrained considering what could have happened and easily escaped.
Iferouane and the Reserve are not particular targets. The frustration is wide-spread and surges of discontent could happen anywhere in the north. A lot will depend on what happens with infrastructure development and political participation – particularly with the discovery of new uraninium deposits.

03 Apr 2007 08:04 | 0 replies


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