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Pablo Tarszenski

Pablo Tarszenski

Travel History

Profession: Photojournalist
Location: Mexico D.F. , Mexico ( MEX )
Home base: Madrid (Spain) / Santa Barbara
URL: http://www.pablotarszenski.com
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Languages spoken: Spanish / English
Organization: Synchro War Press / Mercury Press International
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Member since: 18 Nov 2007 23:11


I was born in Madrid (Spain) in 1987. I grew up and I discovered I wanted to know about the world´s history. My prioriry is based on anthropology. I need to learn from different peoples, different cultures… And related to that are the essays and photography. That´s how I can share my way of seeing to others.

I love to travel, and I do my best to fit wherever I go whichever the time is needed to. That´s how I keep myself alive.

History, geography and philosophy. Those are my foundations, and I have a need of building more and more over them.

I have experiences from India, Bhutan, Algeria, Thailand, Japan, China, Mexico, United States, Panama, Turkey, Croatia, and almost every country in Europe. But nowadays, without making any choice, I found myself focused on two conflicts: The one between Morocco and the saharauis in the Western Sahara and the one between independent militias in the Democratic Republic of Congo area. Those are the places that I´m working about, and problably will be for a long time on the future.

Here at LightStalkers, I hope to find people who live the same way I do, exchange opinions, tips and advices. Have a nice day, Pablo.


Recent Post

Traveling to Sahara (Tindouf, Algerie)

Hi there,

Im traveling to Algerie in two weeks to visit the Occidental Sahara refugees (territory occupied by Morocco since 1975). 200.000 people live in camps in the middle of the sahara desert in Argelia.

I lot of young people from Spain and other parts of Europe are traveling there to protest about this situation, and im going to take picture of that event.

Anybody knows something about this place? Please give me some advice when traveling to the desert.

Thanks. If anyone would want the article for some magazine or newpaper, send me a message.

07 Mar 2008 13:03 | 0 replies

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