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Paul Campbell

Profession: Photographer
Location: South , United Kingdom
Home base: UK
Email: •••••••• (private)
Languages spoken: English and Arabic
Skype: Viralmonkey viralmonkey
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UK Photographer


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Turkish Refugee Camps

Hello all,
I have a few questions that I couldn’t find answers to on the site. I plan to visit the refugee camps in southern Turkey to take pictures and collect stories. I speak Arabic but not Turkish.

How do you get in to the camps? (I read something about getting permission from the Interior Ministry??)
Do I need accreditation? (From where can I get that?)
Are there any restrictions inside the camps?
Is there anybody I should speak to?
What’s the security situation there?
Is everything really expensive in Antakya now because of all these people moving into the area?

Also, sorry for what is perhaps a bold question, any suggestions of good people to offer pictures/stories to? I’m new to this so I don’t have contacts.

Thank you.

20 Jun 2012 15:06 | 5 replies

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