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Petr Antonov

Petr Antonov

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Profession: photographer//oil trash
Status: photographer // oilfield trash
Location: Moscow , Russia
URL: http://www.petrantonov.com
Email: •••••••• (private)
Last login: 12 months ago
Member since: 27 Jul 2006 07:07




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Photoshelter - colour management issues

I have noticed that my images look pretty washed out in photoshelter gallery. Their colour management policy states that any images uploaded to photoshelter is automatically converted to sRGB. I’m on a Mac, so if the images look washed out, this may mean that the images are indeed converted to sRGB but the ICC profile is not embedded. I’m using Safari 3 (colour managed) to view the images and I’ve tried uploading images in sRGB or Adobe RGB (profiles embeded) all to the same effect.
I wrote to their support people and they came back saying that it might be caused by the fact that they apply small amounts of contrast and/or sharpening to all screen previews, and that with images uploaded to the web the colour will never be 100% exact compared to the locally managed file. This does not really solve it for me because I cannot see how applying small amounts of contrast may lead to reduced contrast in the images, and in my experience any ICC tagged image online has looked identical to the copy on my machine.
I’m wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience with photoshelter and if there’s a known solution?



20 Mar 2009 19:03 | 3 replies

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