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35mm film scanner

First step into a making the darkroom to digital transition, need advice on 35mm film scanner model to purchase. Budget is $600. Any suggestions?

by isa at 2006-01-12 13:41:03 UTC (ed. Mar 12 2008 ) brooklyn , United States | Bookmark | | Report spam→

Save money and get a nikon LS5000 ? :) Fast and great, I love mine.

by Fabien Penso | 12 Jan 2006 16:01 | Paris, France | | Report spam→
Before I got a digital SLR, I scanned my negs and slides using an Acer ScanWit 2720. It was a part of my workflow for almost two years. I got mine in Asia, but it would be more than $500 in North America. Check the link below for a review.



by Erik Lacson | 12 Jan 2006 17:01 | Manila, Philippines | | Report spam→
I tell you so far my experience dictates that at a certain level, say a thou and under,  the results are mostly the same, so cost and other features become your criteria.  If you cannot spring for the more expensive scanners like an Imacon, which do it all, and do it very very well (and may very well be worth saving for), then I am not certain that spending more than your budget allows for, say on the Nikon,  will actually bring you a better machine than you could get for less money.  I use the Konica Minolta DiMage Scan Dual IV, and for the money it is a great machine.  It is fast, easy to use, light, easy to pack (if you need to scan while on assignment somewhere), and produces pretty good results for what it is.  But if you want super quality, then you have to spend much much more.

On the other hand, you can also scan from prints, and in that case a flatbed is the way to go, and there are flatbeds now that do double duty acceptably well.   Look at Epson.

by Jon Anderson | 12 Jan 2006 17:01 (ed. Jan 12 2006) | Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic | | Report spam→
If and when you do locate a scanner- film or flatbed- try Hamrick’s Vuescan. The application comes with profiles for most films and allows you to control how the image is processed. You can also save a ‘raw’ file (ie, pre-processed with Alpha channel), so that if you change you mind down the road on how you’d like your image processed, you don’t have to dig around for the film again, it can process the ‘raw’ file. The most upsetting thing about using it is that you’ll likely decide to rescan everything you’ve previously scanned.

Here are a couple of reviews:


by [former member] | 13 Jan 2006 00:01 | Chiang Mai, Thailand | | Report spam→
I agree with James, Vuescan is a really good app. Go for the Pro version as well. I’m using it with a Nikon LS-5000, which I love, and I really like the results I’m getting. Also the price for the 5000 seems to have dropped recently to below the US$1000 mark.

Good luck…

by Richard Humphries | 13 Jan 2006 01:01 | Bangkok, Thailand | | Report spam→
For the money, I’ve been happy with my Epson perfection 4870 photo.

by [former member] | 13 Jan 2006 09:01 | Brooklyn, NY, United States | | Report spam→
Get a Nikon V Coolscan instead of the Nikon 5000, the only difference is that the V gives a 14bit file and the 5000 a 16 bit file. You can get the V for about $600. They work great!

by Juan Carlos | 13 Jan 2006 09:01 (ed. Jan 13 2006) | San Francisco, United States | | Report spam→
Juan: the 5000 is much faster, and you can bach positive films. It makes a big difference if you need to scan 50 films in a row…

by Fabien Penso | 13 Jan 2006 09:01 (ed. Jan 13 2006) | Paris, France | | Report spam→
You all have been very helpful, thank you. Will be going to a friend’s house to test drive his scanner/printer this weekend and try to make a decision on the film scanner. Suggestion on printers?

by isa | 13 Jan 2006 10:01 | brooklyn, United States | | Report spam→

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