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A question regarding AOL Instant Messaging for Macintosh

I have a question regarding AOL Instant Messaging for macintosh. I normally use iChat which interfaces nicely with AIM but I noticed I was having problems using the audio or Talk feature if the recipient did not also have iChat—we couldnt connect and could only send IMs. That is, I couldnt talk to AIM users who didnt also have Macs with iChat. So I downloaded AIM for macintosh to see if I could get the Talk connection by going directly through AIM instead of iChat (which is a much nicer, smoother program. AIM kind of sucks). Well, to my dismay, even though the webpage clearly indicates that AIM talk exists, I cant find it anywhere in my downloaded program. There is no button, no tab, no trace of it, and the help menu also contains nothing at all. Yet on the webpage (http://www.aim.com/help_faq/using/mac/aimtalk.adp?aolp=) the very first category for discussion is AIM talk. So what is up with that? any one have any suggestions? anyone out there have a macintosh with AIM and not ichat? Help!

by Jon Anderson at 2005-01-15 00:03:08 UTC (ed. Mar 12 2008 ) | Bookmark | | Report spam→

I think the AIM web site is a bit unclear. There are two different versions of AIM at present: 4.7 for the Mac, and 5.9 for Windows. The stuff on the Web site seems to refer to 5.9, and not 4.7.

As far as I know, iChat’s voice feature should work with either a) other iChat users or b) Windows XP users running AIM 5.9. So, I think the reason you couldn’t get voice connections with those people is that they weren’t running the latest version of AIM for Windows. (Also, PCs are frequently not set up for audio input/output right out of the box, the way Macs are. It might have to do with mike configuration, etc.)

That’s about all I know — anyone else have expertise on this?

by Shinji Kuwayama | 15 Jan 2005 09:01 | | Report spam→
thanks Shinji, I suspect that you are right, because I know that one of the PCs with whihc I am having trouble does not Windows XP, but Iknow that they downloaded the newest AIM. Without XP, though, I am guessing that all the features do not work properly. Still the AIM website is a bit odd because on the particular page I am thinking of it does go on and on about the Talk feature for Macs, so I am mystified. just goes to show that everyone should jsut go out there and get a Mac! Talk about superior engineering. Wow. I love my iBook.

by Jon Anderson | 15 Jan 2005 10:01 | | Report spam→

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