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Adobe Lightroom

Adobe’s answer to Aperture: http://labs.macromedia.com/technologies/lightroom/. It’s in Beta at the moment, but looks interesting.

by [a former member] at 2006-01-09 00:21:45 UTC (ed. Mar 12 2008 ) New York , United States | Bookmark | | Report spam→

Some UK photographers were shown Lightroom last week and the consensus seemed to be it was Adobe releasing something because they were panicked by Apples Aperture release…which looks likely, having a brief look at the Lightroom site.

However, thats no bad thing…Adobe hve the track record and I notice they claim Lightroom will work on a laptop…so I might give the beta a go on my 12" Powerbook and see how it goes.

by [former member] | 09 Jan 2006 01:01 | London, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
Actually ya know I’ve just been trying it out and its pretty nifty…its intuitive to use and many features are already familiar from Photoshop. As a tool for photojournalists who need to quickly turn around pictures it looks very nice. I’m gonna be needing to process a bunch or raw files later today so will give it a run…

by [former member] | 09 Jan 2006 02:01 | London, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
Hey Sion, let us know what you think about its potential as an archiving tool, which seems to be one of the main selling points for Aperture.

by John Trotter | 09 Jan 2006 06:01 | Brooklyn, NY, United States | | Report spam→
thanks for the link. gotta try that asap. this newly begun adobe vs apple fight for pro-photographers’ market is really great for us. hope it goes on forever, hehe.

by Max Pasion | 09 Jan 2006 08:01 | Jersey City, NJ, United States | | Report spam→
The conversion is 10 times better than aperture…I would call that a great start, it is a bit sluggish on a PB G4, though…
And by the way this isn’t Adobe answer to Aperture, they started the developement in the nineties or just about…

by [former member] | 09 Jan 2006 08:01 | back home in Brussels, Belgium | | Report spam→
looks remarkably similar to me, and why release it so early if it’s not in response to Aperture?

by [former member] | 09 Jan 2006 08:01 | New York, United States | | Report spam→
Sion’s right, this is very intuitive to use and seems designed to run on small screens too. Also you have much more control over importing images, you can leave the original files where YOU want, which is nice.

by [former member] | 09 Jan 2006 08:01 | New York, United States | | Report spam→
Dammit, wanted to try this on my G4 but it needs OSX 10.4 as well, just like aperture. I’m really going to have to upgrade to that :(

by Stephan Sturges | 09 Jan 2006 08:01 | | Report spam→
After using Lightroom to process a job today, the first thing I noticed is that as a Photoshop CS user, I usually have to convert my Canon 5D Raw files to DNG before the CS Raw converter will recognise them (as CS was made before the 5D came out).

Not so with Lightroom – it contains the later version of ACR which recognises the 5D files…so I browsed, altered the exposure, and converted a batch to Jpeg very quickly, without having to use Photoshop CS2. I stuck with CS because I found CS2 slow, so that was a bonus.

Like Andrew, I suspect its been released in response to Aperture, even though it may have been constructed before Apertures release. But as it contains tried and tested Adobe bits and pieces, and is easy to pick up due to familiarity, I’d be leaning towards buying this over Aperture – which won’t run on my 12" Powerbook anyway.

In fairness I haven’t tried Aperture, which quite a few photographers have praised for its innovative workflow tools, and this is a beta, so we’ll see what the full score is when LIghtroom 1.0 comes out…and how much it costs.

I noticed for example that Lightroom doesnt seem to contain an IPTC caption box. It has an ‘Info’ box with Caption, Copyright and Keyword fields but I need more IPTC options…so will still be using Photo Mechanic to caption stuff.

To sort thorugh, rank and process raw and Jpeg files on the fly though, it looks nice. I got into using it really quickly and it does just what I need with no fuss.

I can see myself using Lightroom a lot.

by [former member] | 09 Jan 2006 10:01 | London, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
Has anyone run this thing on a G3 OS 10.3.9 laptop?
I have a G3 700 with 640 ram and will not be upgrading for a least 6 months but I’m very keen to play with this software.

by Paul Treacy | 09 Jan 2006 10:01 | New York City, United States | | Report spam→
The Lightroom blurb says: ‘Adobe Lightroom Beta requires Mac OS X version 10.4.3 (Tiger) or higher, a 1GHz or faster PowerPC G4 or G5 processor (including iBook G4 or PowerBook G4), and 768 MB of RAM

So it wont work on 10.3.9 I’m afraid.

by [former member] | 09 Jan 2006 11:01 | London, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
Sometimes I feel like I’m being left behind. So frustrating.

by Paul Treacy | 09 Jan 2006 11:01 | New York City, United States | | Report spam→

Although the test version should be useful already, the program does not yet have all its features, said Kevin Connor, a senior director of product management at Adobe.

"Certainly, you can do productive work, but there are many things that we plan to add," he said. High up on the list is the notion of "stacking" together related photos—a feature that is in Aperture as well as Photoshop Elements, but not yet part of Lightroom.

Among the key features already in the product, Connor said, is a "lights out" tool that lets users hide the program’s editing tools and look only at the photos in question. There is also an option for photographers to add their own branding to the software so that they can better use the program to show off their work to clients.


by Wayne E. Yang | 09 Jan 2006 12:01 (ed. Jan 9 2006) | | Report spam→
For to look from D5 or D200 or D2x I use photomechanic olso RAW, NEF, TIF, JPG PDF end more rename caption big area to write great stuff and later I will edit the images i have select in to photoshop.

see at www.upaphoto.com

by [former member] | 09 Jan 2006 13:01 | The Hague, Netherlands | | Report spam→
Just tried on my PowerbookG4 800 512 RAM, too slow :( Not for my current machine. Looks like Bridge, I mean speed, but almost can’t use something else. Everything almost freezing :(

by Sergey Grachev | 09 Jan 2006 15:01 | St.Petersburg, Russia | | Report spam→
Theres a ‘lights out’ and ‘lights dim’ feature which dims down the toolboxes to just show the image being looked at.

And the branding feature is called the ‘identity plate’ where people can replace the Adobe Lightroom title with their own details. It has a slideshow feature which exports the selection as an HTML gallery, Flash slideshow or PDF, which can have your identity plate on. The print dialog box is also full of nifty output features.

John Trotter asked about its potential as an archiving tool – it currently has Spotlight-type searches built in for keywords and a ‘ranking’ system, but until it has the ability to use IPTC info (if your pics have IPTC info already, I understand it might not ‘read’ it ) then I wouldn’t use it for archiving – however according to the Adobe Labs site its very early days yet, so hopefully that will change in response to photographer demand…personally I’d also like to see the ability to run batch actions on selected images and to load pre-set tone curves.

Theres also no crop tool, and no ability to ‘spot’ out dust, so Photoshop (or similar) is still needed for that.

The thing is, if it ends up having all the stuff that’s being asked for, it’ll end up being as big as ‘Bloat-o-shop’ and we’ll be back where we started…

by [former member] | 09 Jan 2006 15:01 | London, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
“The Lightroom blurb says: ‘Adobe Lightroom Beta requires Mac OS X version 10.4.3 (Tiger) or higher, a 1GHz or faster PowerPC G4 or G5 processor (including iBook G4 or PowerBook G4), and 768 MB of RAM… So it wont work on 10.3.9 I’m afraid.”

same problem here, guys. our workhorse ibook G4 is sub-spec, so my wife and i will have to wait for that time when we can upgrade before we can try that new adobe thing ourselves. darn….

by Max Pasion | 09 Jan 2006 16:01 | Jersey City, NJ, United States | | Report spam→
I feel your pain Max.

by Paul Treacy | 09 Jan 2006 17:01 | New York City, United States | | Report spam→
The plot thickens… sounds like Aperture has some very serious problems. Illuminating review is here: http://arstechnica.com/reviews/apps/aperture.ars So Lightroom could be a good option (as long as it’s faster than Bridge).

by Lee Towndrow | 09 Jan 2006 19:01 | Toronto, Canada | | Report spam→
Has anybody else been looking at SilkyPix (www.silkypix.com)? Seems pretty good to me…

by DPC | 10 Jan 2006 12:01 | Paris, France | | Report spam→

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