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aperture aperture aperture

I’ve been using aperture for a month & quite like it.
- How (the ….) do I move pictures from one project to another-and cancel the original location file.tried various things and I can’t seem to get my head around it.
I’m trying to organize my library and it seems it would be useful to gradually move the files to a specific project as I was captioning and adding metadata.
Ideally the project I dumped all my files into would get smaller and smaller as I got through working on it.
By the way, can you add metadata in batches?
last question – Does referencing files really make it faster?Am running a 24" imac with 2gigs ram and 7600 graphics card.



by Emanuel Ferretti at 2007-02-16 10:10:16 UTC (ed. Mar 12 2008 ) barcelona , Spain | Bookmark | | Report spam→

1. Dragging and dropping from project to project works for me … should be working for you too?
2. Use the Lift and Stamp tools to move metadata from one image and apply it to one or more others. Or check out ‘Batch Change …’ under the Metadata menu.
3. Referencing doesn’t speed up Aperture …. it would make more sense to me to imagine it slows it down. Referencing is meant to allow you to keep images on external drives, see previews when you haven’t got the drives connected, and make adjustments or output them when they are connected. It also keeps some people happier because their images aren’t ingested into the Aperture library. One way to give Aperture a kick in the guts when it’s misbehaving is to go Window → Show Task List → and cancel the preview generating, then allow it to start again when you aren’t too busy. Another consideration is to reduce the size of the preview images Aperture generates, which you can do in Preferences, but the disadvantage of this is that when you drag and drop an image out of Aperture (ie., into the Finder or straight into Photoshop) it’ll be at that lower resolution. The bottom line is image preview generation, while it’s occurring as a background process, slows Aperture down a lot.

Good luck.


by Wade Laube | 16 Feb 2007 11:02 (ed. Feb 16 2007) | Sydney, Australia | | Report spam→
The only thing I don’t understand is how to remove the pics only from the original project once they’re in the new one.
I wanted to tackle it bit by bit, a bit like a slowly diminishing stack of paperwork, captioning,metadating (to metadate? I metadate you..ecc?) moving the files into more specific projects..Is it possible?
I’ll try the other suggestions. I was wondering if referencing=faster after I’d read Greg Marinovich’s last message on the ‘I hate aperture’ post.
thanks for the help.

by Emanuel Ferretti | 16 Feb 2007 11:02 | barcelona, Spain | | Report spam→
I am a bit confused Emanuel, because if I drag an image out of one project and into another, it no longer exists in the original project, as you would expect. I checked the the Preferences to see if there might be a copy vs. move setting which might explain why yours is acting the way it is, but there isn’t one. Regarding referenced files and speed, I’ve done both and haven’t noticed it make a difference. I think Greg Marinovich also bumped up his RAM by the look of it. Ask him about this to be sure.



by Wade Laube | 16 Feb 2007 22:02 | Sydney, Australia | | Report spam→
Cheers Wade, I’ve been trying to sort this out for a couple of weeks, there’s nothing on the manual about it.The dvd-doesn’t help either as it’s too vague.
I’ve tried creating albums and moving them from there but no luck.
I’ve tried poking around the preferences/options but I can’t seem to find the setting,assuming there is one.
I’m sure it’s something completely obvious, like when you put diesel in a petrol car and then wonder what the problem is, as everything seems to be working..
It just ticks me off as I need to remember where I left off,and have to follow the same order.
I’ll try to work around it.suppose I don’t have much choice.
Thanks, in any case.

by Emanuel Ferretti | 17 Feb 2007 00:02 | barcelona, Spain | | Report spam→
anyone have any ideas?why are my masters stuck?

by Emanuel Ferretti | 17 Feb 2007 09:02 | barcelona, Spain | | Report spam→
Emanuel, the default setting is for it to work as it does for me, so if all else fails, reinstall the application and you should be alright.

by Wade Laube | 17 Feb 2007 13:02 | Sydney, Australia | | Report spam→
ah…hadn’t thought about that.
Cheers Wade, I’ll try it.
thanks again.

by Emanuel Ferretti | 17 Feb 2007 14:02 | barcelona, Spain | | Report spam→
Hello, Emanuel,

Like Wade, I don’t have any problems moving the masters from project to project. Perhaps you can try posting in the Aperture Discussion Forums on Apple Support. Someone may be experiencing the same issues you have.

- j -

by Justin S. Sales | 17 Feb 2007 15:02 | Singapore, Singapore | | Report spam→
thanks Justin, I’ll try that.I just wanted to understand why, there must be some setting somewhere.

by Emanuel Ferretti | 17 Feb 2007 15:02 | barcelona, Spain | | Report spam→

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