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Ashura 2008 in Lebanon

In the beginning of the next year I plan to shoot Ashura in Lebanon (the event where participants cut themselves with blades/knifes).
Anyone of you covered it before?
So far I know that the exact day of the event is not fixed and it depends on the visibility of the moon (I’m not 100% sure of that).
Before leaving I want to gather as much information as possible.
If you have experience/knowledge on the topic, I will be grateful for help.
Aleksander Bochenek

by Aleksander Bochenek at 2007-10-04 13:26:12 UTC (ed. Mar 13 2008 ) Barcelona , Spain | Bookmark | | Report spam→

there are quite a lot info and links in wikipedia

by Agnieszka Rayss | 04 Oct 2007 15:10 | Warsaw, Poland | | Report spam→
Bardzo dziekuje!

by Aleksander Bochenek | 04 Oct 2007 16:10 | Barcelona, Spain | | Report spam→
Ashura is the tenth day in the islamic month of “Moharram”

In Islamic calendar – Muharram 1429 Hijri (Begins Jan 9th 2008 according to global calendar)

Hence Ashura would be on Jan 18th 2008 roughly

Just make sure you are their around this time in Lebanon to witness the event

by Sana Manzoor | 05 Oct 2007 04:10 | New York, United States | | Report spam→
i covered in Pakistan

by [former member] | 05 Oct 2007 08:10 | goinbg back to my home, Italy | | Report spam→
Hi Aleksander,

Ashoura in Lebanon is a little bit different than it is in say Karbala. If you are interested in making pictures of self flagulation, you are going to need to go to Nabatiyeh in the south. Hezbollah is against the practice of blood letting during Ashoura, and the parade/ ceremony they hold in the southern suburbs of Beirut is, in my experience, completely blood free, in accordance with their stance on things. Access to the south now requires permission from the Lebanese Ministry of Defence in Beirut, which can take up to one week to get depending, and requires you to get a ministry of Information letter of Accreditation first. This accreditation can be obtained easily as long as you can present a letter from a publication/agency as well as a valid press card.

Hope that helps.

by [former member] | 05 Oct 2007 08:10 | Beirut, Lebanon | | Report spam→
Thank you for the information!
I will come back to you guys if I have any additional questions.

by Aleksander Bochenek | 06 Oct 2007 19:10 | Barcelona, Spain | | Report spam→

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