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So, i ‘purchased’ Nik Softwares Silver Efex pro, the latest version, last week.

This was through a Paypal checkout option via my credit card (which has been billed and shows on my statement). after a few days i realized i had no product or info from Nik Software.

I called paypal, who’s interface i used for the transaction and they identified the transaction and said i would have to call Nik software.

So i called them. they explained to me that payment was never received, they would cancel any request for payment AND notify Paypal immediately via a phone call.

The following week, this week, I called my bank to ask if they had received any notification or info regarding a return of the funds… No. Funds have been withdrawn and no notification.

So, I call Paypal and speak to someone repeating lines from a book about how it’s not Paypal’s concern. I ask for a manager and when transferred, June (the manager) proceeds to tell me it is not a Paypal transaction and they have no responsibility nor will they help me. I ask him again if this is his position as it says right on the web interface for Nik software payment, PAYPAL express payment. We cannot help you. Call Nik Software, who had told me to call Paypal.

So, I am out $208 (paypal fee of course) and nobody will take responsibility for this. Not Paypal or Nik Software. I am having my bank work on it to see if they can do anything right now.

BEWARE WHO YOU SUPPORT. There are WAY to many companies who will take your money and show no concern for you if something goes wrong.

This is just a heads up folks.

by john d at 2012-08-08 18:14:48 UTC | Bookmark | | Report spam→

This is too bad for you. I don’t know where you are, but here in France, there is a guarantee on all things sold and bought on the internet. It is you bank that you contact to ask for a refund. You may also contact your credit card company to see if they guarantee internet sales as well.
Tom Craig Directphoto.org

by tom craig | 16 Aug 2012 19:08 | paris, France | | Report spam→
Hi John!

Sorry to hear such a thing happening to a good buddy like you. Sound like you end up on “a fake” paypal web page. I saw couple of months ago on TV that some scammers reproduce bank, credit card company, etc, web pages who absolutely look like the original one. Is that could be the case?

Good luck


by Yves Choquette | 16 Aug 2012 19:08 | Montreal, Canada, Canada | | Report spam→
So sorry to hear about such thing! I’ve actually never purchased anything through PayPal but anyway I’m interested in hearing how your story ends. Keep us posted.


by Laura Larmo | 16 Aug 2012 20:08 | Milan, Italy | | Report spam→

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