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Canon 5D... again

I know this has been bandied about before, but am querying about the Canon 5D. I’d like to buy one to use it as my prime camera – I normally use two 1D’s, but hate the crappy battery life and it’s a little big for documentary work, so would like a hybrid that could be used as a day-to-day camera and a doc camera too.

Any thoughts?


by [a former member] at 2006-01-06 19:58:52 UTC (ed. Mar 12 2008 ) Toronto , Canada | Bookmark | | Report spam→

Buy it.

by [former member] | 06 Jan 2006 20:01 | London, United Kingdom | | Report spam→

by [former member] | 06 Jan 2006 20:01 | Toronto, Canada | | Report spam→
I did use a mark II and now own two 5’s. I love it!

by Brett Butterstein | 06 Jan 2006 21:01 | COLORADO, United States | | Report spam→
Er…shall I expand a little? Great battery life, small (ish), good buffer for Raw bursts, full frame chip, 36 MB Jpeg file, or a 16-bit 72 MB file if ya shoot Raw…niiice!

Has a Black & White mode as well – shoot Raw and you can acquire the colour and B/W image as separate images…double niiice!

If you also shoot medium format, the camera (if used carefully) will give 6×4.5 and 6×6 a run for their money…

Mate, it’s sweeeet. Get one!

by [former member] | 06 Jan 2006 21:01 | London, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
Sold…. although I guess I have to get a new computer to crunch those big files!

by [former member] | 06 Jan 2006 23:01 | Toronto, Canada | | Report spam→
Those big files are the reason why I may not feel compelled to upgrade from my 5D for a while. If they up the resolution anymore, it’ll be eating up HD space even worse than now, for what gain? It’s already almost out of control. I don’t want any bigger files.

by Dave Yoder | 07 Jan 2006 12:01 | Milan, Italy | | Report spam→
You’re right – where else is there to go? The files sizes of a 35mm frame are now equal to (almost? more?) than a medium format camera. There is no crop factor anymore, and unless you want a zillion frames per second perhaps this camera is it for a bit. But then digital technology will never settle- what else will we need?

Dave- do you use your 5D as an everyday camera? What were you using before?

by [former member] | 07 Jan 2006 14:01 | Toronto, Canada | | Report spam→
I’m using a 20D and I really really really really really want a 5D as a second camera, primarily for the full-frame sensor for superwide angle shots. I love the Telephoto cheat aspect of the smaller sensor for sports, but I miss having true 17mm coverage…

That’s the main reason I’d pick one of these up; however, my next big buy is probably going to be a 300 2.8, and well, really there’s no way I can afford both of these right now…


by Jack Howard | 07 Jan 2006 14:01 | Somerville NJ, United States | | Report spam→
I’m using 5D almost a month, posted here too before. My last camera 1D, but now I love 5D for half size, for half weight and it ’s funny for big files :) Yes my current powerbok G4 800, already old for this , but I can still use it! One side ,12MB raw files, much bigger than 4MB of 1D, but for example IView Media Pro works more comfortable with 5D files, than 1D. I can see fullscreen preview very fast, and can make a choice as i need used only raw, before I had shoot raw +jpg for comfortable viewing with 1D. High ISO 1600, absolutely perfect on 5D !

Welcome back to real photography again! If you see on lens 50 mm, it means 50 mm, nothing else ! For many years experience it’s important , I think. I used 3 years 1.3 crop camera, but my mind still lives in previews world.

Somebody said , all photography begin from 50 mm and finish again the same ! It means you start with some chip, simple camera, than you grow up and you need some incredible zoom, wide, tele, macro or whatever lens! When you good enough and look back, you will see all your best picture made with 50 mm! Even you used zoom!

Want really to buy 50 1,4 again !!!

by Sergey Grachev | 07 Jan 2006 17:01 | St.Petersburg, Russia | | Report spam→
Did you get it yet?


by David Gillanders | 09 Jan 2006 15:01 | Glasgow, United Kingdom | | Report spam→

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