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East Asia: UNICEF POY Award submissions.

I would like to invite young
photographers (and photographers
new to reportage) to submit stories
shot in East Asia for the UNICEF POY award.

If you have stories in East Asia please
submit them to me for nomination. The photographer need not be based here.

East Asia submissions go to James Whitlow
Delano at james.delano@pep.ne.jp. Please
observe the submission size guidelines

Thank you.

For information on other regions, please refer to this
previous post on Lightstalkers:

As far as submitting work this seems to be the recipe that we’ve all agreed on so please follow these guidelines (I prefer zipped jpegs):
Please send 5-10 zipped images along with a brief summary of the project and captions. * Individual image size be jpegs on 8 quality at 72 dpi at 1050px at their longest. * You can also submit a pdf file of the pictures for the initial round. * Those that we choose to nominate are then provided the entry forms that they fill out and submit with files/prints, as per instructions therein. The final out put for these images will have to be sent to Germany, it has been proposed that the file size must be: jpeg on 8 quality at 200 dpi at 1600px at their longest.

The deadline for submissions is October 31, 2008 (date of delivery).
I need make my nomination about two
weeks before the deadline to give
nominees a chance to assemble
their submissions.

by [a former member] at 2008-09-01 23:06:17 UTC (ed. Sep 22 2008 ) Tokyo , Japan | Bookmark | | Report spam→

Hello James,
I just submitted my pictures, but I got an error message by the mail server:

“This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

Unable to deliver message to the following recipients, because the message was forwarded more than the maximum allowed times. This could indicate a mail loop."

It seems you’re forwarding messages from one address to the other…

by Massimiliano Clausi | 02 Sep 2008 14:09 | Genoa, Italy | | Report spam→
Hi James,

Which countries are included in East Asia?

by Tomoko Yamamoto | 02 Sep 2008 22:09 | Baltimore, MD, United States | | Report spam→
My Geographical understanding of East Asia would be:
The Koreas,
Tibet (okay, shoot me, I consider it a separate entity),
and I would go out on a limb and say
the Russian Far East.

I think that should be the region.

Thanks for the head´s up, Tomoko.



by [former member] | 03 Sep 2008 00:09 | Tokyo, Japan | | Report spam→
Dear Massimiliano,

Could you resend it to james.delano@pep.ne.jp and
CC: it to jameswdelano@hotmail.com?

I am not surprised you got that message. It happens
sometimes but I usually get the mail anyhow. This time,
I did not.

Thank you.

by [former member] | 03 Sep 2008 00:09 | Tokyo, Japan | | Report spam→
Original comments have been censored by the Peoples’ Committee for the Eradication of Grumpy Old Men. Get on with life and stop bitchin!

by Nigel Amies | 03 Sep 2008 02:09 (ed. Sep 5 2008) | Vientiane, Laos | | Report spam→

To clarify, there is no age limit for the award. Good luck…

by [former member] | 03 Sep 2008 02:09 | Easton, MD, United States | | Report spam→
I believe James was trying to give some kids a chance, and his post encourages younger photographers such as students or emerging pros to get their stuff out there and indeed gives them a kick in the butt to maybe realize they can compete with the old vets.

It isnt discrimination, because younger photogs arent the ones with the power in this industry, the old guys and gals are, so to act so terribly offended is ridiculous.

This isn’t discrimination, it is an attempt at equal opportunity.

So this is what happens now every time somebody goes out of their way to help out other LS’ers? They have to deal with idiotic tirades?


by Brian L Frank | 03 Sep 2008 09:09 | Mexico City D.F., Mexico | | Report spam→

James has to be one of the MOST kind, thoughtful and generous blokes i know. He’s also a remarkably considerate person and has not been tainted by the kind of cynicism that earmarks many photographers of his level of success. Surely you must understand that his invitation for younger photographers was simply ENCOURAGEMENT to get “younger” photographers (and by this is not only means “age” but probably experience, as in “emerging” photographers) to participate and not the usual suspects of experienced, award-winning photographers. As Peter points out, the Award has no criteria but good photography….

you might have wanted to approach James a bit more thoughtfully rather than go full-bore on something that is completely erroneous….

rather than being discriminatory, james was performing the opposite: to encourage the widest possible pool of talent for the contest, …especially since many “young” photographers (read experience as well as age) are often intimated by such a competition…

i trust you’ll reconsider your comment and thoughts vis-a-vis Jim…

good luck.

by [former member] | 03 Sep 2008 11:09 (ed. Sep 3 2008) | Toronto, Canada | | Report spam→
Nigel and Bob, I checked what UNICEF Germany, this award sponsor has to say about age or qualifications.

Here is the sentence in which the words, young photographers, are mentioned.
International experts of photography are asked by UNICEF Germany to encourage young photographers to make a submission.

If you want to read the whole description of the award, here is the link

James is simply following what is being asked of him by UNICEF Germany. However, there is no age limit mentioned in the above description as Peter said above.

by Tomoko Yamamoto | 03 Sep 2008 14:09 (ed. Sep 3 2008) | Baltimore, MD, United States | | Report spam→
Tomoko :))

Thanks for the link. I’d read that last year when I considered submitting for the contest. It is also what i was trying to suggest to Nigel and I just didn’t understand as to why Nigel berated James…..

Just to iterate: James is an outstanding guy and doesn’t deserve brow-beating language


by [former member] | 03 Sep 2008 15:09 | Toronto, Canada | | Report spam→
Dear Nigel and my kind friends who stepped in to defend me,

Nigel, I understand completely how another young
photographers contest, shall we say, sent your
eyes rolling. I got into this reportage game
at 36 and like so many could never enter into
“young photographers” competitions, but this
may not be the limited opportunity it seems
at first sight. Young photographer in this
case means losely, new to the game.

So again, here is a wrinkle not mention. There is
really NO age limit and I should have clarified this.
The people at UNICEF told me that they prefer people relatively new to this game. In other words, if you
are 50 and started doing serious reportage at 48, you qualify.

If you are new to the reportage world, and
have something to share, I would encourage
you to do so.

Your comments are valid and I take no offence
at all. (I don´t mind debate at all.) Your
comments got me to consider this issue once

So, if you have a series that you think merits
consideration, fire it away to the person
who views work in the region where the story
was shot.

For information on other regions, please refer to this
previous post on Lightstalkers:



by [former member] | 03 Sep 2008 20:09 | Tokyo, Japan | | Report spam→
Corrections to the original query are now in place.

by [former member] | 03 Sep 2008 20:09 | Tokyo, Japan | | Report spam→
The deadline for submissions?

by Tomoko Yamamoto | 05 Sep 2008 11:09 (ed. Sep 5 2008) | Baltimore, MD, United States | | Report spam→

Okay, not quite. It has been posted
twice on LS. The deadline is 31 October
but I need to make a decision by the
second week of October to be sure
that nominees can assemble material.

Interested parties are going to have to
take some initiative and research this
for themselves. But first I need to get
some submissions!

by [former member] | 05 Sep 2008 21:09 | Tokyo, Japan | | Report spam→
Hi I have a question.

Do you submit your pics to the photographer rep who is covering the country where you live e.g. New Zealand, or do you submit them to the rep who is covering the country where you took the pics for the project e.g. India.



by [former member] | 05 Sep 2008 23:09 | Timaru , New Zealand | | Report spam→
Hi Joe,

You would send the pics to the person in
charge of viewing stories from India.

It is a little confusing.



by [former member] | 06 Sep 2008 01:09 | Tokyo, Japan | | Report spam→
thanks james

by [former member] | 06 Sep 2008 02:09 | Timaru , New Zealand | | Report spam→

There is an event date box in the starting post of the thread. If you put your date of October 15, then it will show up as the deadline for the thread and when it comes closer to the event/deadline, your thread will start showing up on the top right-hand corner of the main page.

Hope it helps.


by Tomoko Yamamoto | 08 Sep 2008 14:09 | Baltimore, MD, United States | | Report spam→
According to James` PM to me, he still is getting very few submissions. Those of you who have the pics from the countries in East Asia, Japan, China, The Koreas, Tibet, Taiwan, Mongolia, and the Russian Far East appropriate for the UNICEF POY award, should please send them to James as soon as possible.

I am a native of Tokyo, Japan, and that is why I am partial to this area. Historically, the center of this area is the ancient China, which developed Kanji or Chinese characters and spread them around the area. I don`t know how far this Kanji culture went into the Russian Far East. There are a couple of currently Russian islands up north of Hokkaido, Japan, which are claimed by Japan.

According to the UNICEF award information, "the goal honors the photo series that best depicts the emotions of a situation or event in a child’s life anywhere in the world. “Good photographs intensify reality. They make clear, what beauty is, what is of importance”, Rheinhard Schlagintweit, Chairman of UNICEF Germany said.

International experts of photography are asked by UNICEF Germany to encourage young photographers to make a submission. The photographers submit five to ten photos that demonstrate a high level of photography and visually interpret living situations of children. There is no possibility to enter the contest without nomination. "

I wonder by saying “living situations of children,” UNICEF Germany implies the problematic living situation.

by Tomoko Yamamoto | 09 Sep 2008 15:09 (ed. Sep 10 2008) | Baltimore, MD, United States | | Report spam→
Thanks Tomoko,

I just want to avoid a firestorm here. We are
making the cultural reference, not as a political
statement only, that China is the physical heart
of East Asia and the elephant in the room and to
extract it from region makes no sense on any level.

I anticipate a barrage of comments on Mongolia’s,
or Tibet’s or the Russian Far East not being satellites
of Chinese culture. They are not, nor are Japan or
Korea. (Did I miss anyone?)

We are simply defining a region. I look forward
to seeing the work.


by [former member] | 10 Sep 2008 00:09 | Tokyo, Japan | | Report spam→
Those of you who are wondering about the term East Asia, here is the Wiki version of the definition. I think I have been used to the term, the Far East.

by Tomoko Yamamoto | 10 Sep 2008 01:09 | Baltimore, MD, United States | | Report spam→
I missed the tirade on age, but thanks for clarifying, James.

As one of the oldest (I suspect) members of this community I do want all to recognize that use of the word “young photographers” is a dangerous thing. Unfortunately the phrase appears to infect other areas of photography (even I have caught myself using it).

I suggest that instead we all just use the words “emerging photographers.” I know of many excellent shooters who did not begin their serious efforts until well into their maturity (including, for example, Bruno Stevens and Paolo Pelligrin, I believe) and who nevertheless rose quickly. Many are still “emerging,” and their art/craft should be considered on a parallel with those who are say beginning in their 20s. Frankly, I know a 60-plus-year-old emerging photographer whom I may encourage to enter this competition.

by [former member] | 10 Sep 2008 06:09 | Mausanne en Alpilles, France | | Report spam→
Does anyone know if the submitted photos must have been taken within the last 12 months, 18 months, 24 months etc. etc. of the stated deadline? Any time restrictions (if any)?


by Sean_Gallagher | 10 Sep 2008 08:09 | Shanghai, China | | Report spam→

blind children stuff :))))))))))…hope u submit!


by [former member] | 10 Sep 2008 12:09 | Toronto, Canada | | Report spam→

Points well taken. “Emerging” is a far better word
to use to describe those new to the field.

I do not believe there is any definite limit but
nothing from the 1950’s, please!

Try to keep it within that past 24 months.



by [former member] | 11 Sep 2008 00:09 | Tokyo, Japan | | Report spam→
Hihi all, this from Sherri:

The fine print on the instructions of the entry form reads: "photos must have
been taken, completed, or first published in 2007 or 2008 (date must be

by [former member] | 11 Sep 2008 12:09 | NYC, United States | | Report spam→
Thanks, Jake.

That should set you straight on the edit, Sean.



by [former member] | 12 Sep 2008 01:09 | Tokyo, Japan | | Report spam→
Great. Thanks for clearing that up. Best, Sean.

by Sean_Gallagher | 12 Sep 2008 02:09 | Shanghai, China | | Report spam→
Hey Jake,
Got it thanks!

by [former member] | 12 Sep 2008 16:09 | Brooklyn, United States | | Report spam→
Has everyone, having a series of photos of children in East Asia, showing their living condition, sent his/her submission to James Whitlow Delano?

by Tomoko Yamamoto | 17 Sep 2008 15:09 (ed. Sep 18 2008) | Baltimore, MD, United States | | Report spam→
No, I’m sending mine to Patrick Brown in Bangkok because, as I understand it you send your pix to the person designated for the area in which you LIVE – not the area in which you made the photographs. I live in Laos; the photos were made in Mongolia. Correct me if I’m wrong.

by Nigel Amies | 19 Sep 2008 05:09 | Vientiane, Laos | | Report spam→
i ask the same question above Nigel and your wrong sorry, send your pics to the person covering Mongolia

by [former member] | 19 Sep 2008 06:09 | Timaru , New Zealand | | Report spam→
It is the subject matter/location made that decides which person to send the pics. Therefore Nigel should send his to James, but not to Patrick.

by Tomoko Yamamoto | 19 Sep 2008 21:09 | Baltimore, MD, United States | | Report spam→
Hi Guys,

Mongolia would fall into East Asia. So, send them
to james.delano@pep.ne.jp and cc: to jameswdelano@hotmail.com.

I look forward to seeing what you have.
Please get the material to me soon as
I will be making selections soon.



by [former member] | 20 Sep 2008 02:09 | Tokyo, Japan | | Report spam→
Just want to know if I can participate from Afghanistan.

by Barat Ali Batoor | 24 Sep 2008 05:09 | Kabul, Afghanistan | | Report spam→
Hi Barat,

Yes you may. The person you submit to, depends
upon the region in which the story was shot. If
it were shot in Afghanistan, please submit it
to the person in charge of South Asia.

For information on other regions, please refer to this
previous post on Lightstalkers:

by [former member] | 25 Sep 2008 07:09 | Tokyo, Japan | | Report spam→
For those of you who have not noticed this opportunity for submission of your work on children in East Asia.

by Tomoko Yamamoto | 01 Oct 2008 23:10 (ed. Oct 2 2008) | Baltimore, MD, United States | | Report spam→
I don`t know if James has received enough submissions for East Asia, but I thought that James` deadline of the middle of October is approaching.

by Tomoko Yamamoto | 06 Oct 2008 17:10 | Baltimore, MD, United States | | Report spam→
Dear Patrick Brown
could i know your email? because i will send my image later.

by Doddy Varonis | 10 Oct 2008 07:10 | yogyakarta, Indonesia | | Report spam→

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