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Conditions of work with AP AFP EPA

Hello, I am new to this site and i am not sure if this is a correct question to ask.. Well, on what conditions do photogs (stringers)  work with agencies like Epa, AP etc… in Europe and US.  I am not asking about the amount of money paid but about the rights on the photos you sell to them. Do they pay every time your photo gets publsihed of only once. Can you use it again somewhere? What about other photos from the same event?.  I would appreciate any info on that. 

by [a former member] at 2005-10-03 14:15:32 UTC (ed. Mar 12 2008 ) Moscow , Russia | Bookmark | | Report spam→

Hi,,, As far as my knowledge goes… all the agencies pay their respective stringers once… no matter how many times the picture is used.

by Altaf Qadri | 03 Oct 2005 22:10 | Kashmir, India | | Report spam→
Thanks for a prompt reply Altaf.

by [former member] | 03 Oct 2005 23:10 | Moscow, Russia | | Report spam→
Who retains the copyright?

by inactive account | 22 Jan 2006 08:01 | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | | Report spam→
agencies retain the copyright

by [former member] | 22 Jan 2006 09:01 (ed. Jan 22 2006) | Paris, France | | Report spam→
In the US from what I understand the AP changes from state to state. But the basics remain the same. Recently our bureau chief has been inquiring about shooter that wanted to sign contracts. After talking with someone who has signed a contract I was told that AP pays a one time fee for a set amount of photos and that they retain ALL copyrights. The photographer is not allowed to use the images for a portfolio and if they are entered in a contest they have to be entered under the AP which makes things hard for the photographer in alot of ways. However my paper is a member of AP. As a member we are allowed what is called a member send. What this does is allows us to send photos from our daily work be it features or images from big news events that AP wasnt able to cover. This has a one time fee which we are resposible for keeping up with and sending invoices for. After that the AP can use the images as many times as they want but we can still keep the copyright. Hope that helps a little.

by Jason A. Frizzelle | 22 Jan 2006 11:01 | Greenville, United States | | Report spam→
мужики то знают :) ответили тебе правильно. Обычно AP и EPA платÑ?Ñ‚ один раз, но права имеют только на одну карточку , которую купили. Раньше EPA оÑ?товлÑ?ло Ñ?ебе негатив и платила за катушку пленки. Ð?икто тебе не мешает продать другие карточки Ñ? одного Ñ?обытиÑ?, еÑ?ли Ñ‚Ñ‹ конечно не подпиÑ?ывал Ñ? ними отдельный контракт или задание иÑ?ходило из агенÑ?тва

by Sergey Grachev | 22 Jan 2006 12:01 | St.Petersburg, Russia | | Report spam→
Да Ñ? знаю, Ñ?ам длÑ? EPA в неÑ?кольких командировках отработал , интереÑ?но как Ñ?то в разных Ñ?трнанах

by [former member] | 22 Jan 2006 12:01 | Moscow, Russia | | Report spam→

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