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Dear all,

For the last year and a half, I have had the incredibly unique and rare opportunity of living in Tibet. During this time I compiled a body of work that I hope to turn into a photo book. This will not be your typical book about Tibet but hopefully an honest and unusual view of life there today. As I am fond to say, it’s not all monks and mountains.

I am at a stage in the process that I would ask you for editorial input. I have created a temporary online gallery for your viewing (http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/jasonsangsterphoto/ContemporaryTibet) and I welcome your comments, advice and critique. Some of the questions I have to answer – What am I missing? Who is my audience? Why is it important? Why now?

Please respond here or you can send an email directly – jasonsangsterphotoATgmail.com

Thank you all in advance,


by Jason Sangster at 2007-06-11 01:08:22 UTC (ed. Mar 12 2008 ) Atlanta , United States | Bookmark | | Report spam→

Wonderful images Jason and it would be great to know the stories behind them. Why it is important can be underlined by a recent statement from the Dalai Lama.


All the best on your project

by David Huang | 11 Jun 2007 02:06 | California, United States | | Report spam→
cant you hav some descriptions for the pics?
that would help us much…
all of the images are from tibet i suppose?(pic no 9 and 10)
anyways the pics are great…show us more (atleast me…cos i hav a facination for tibet)…

again ud luv 2 c descriptions…

by shafqat asif | 11 Jun 2007 04:06 | dhaka, Bangladesh | | Report spam→
Thanks for the feedback so far. The book will have very simple captions that explain what is happening. Right now that isn’t as important as the visual impact.

Ironically, David, one of the main reasons I feel this project is important is not to show how Tibetan culture is ‘finished’ but merely evolving…I’m definately not a Chinese apologist but Tibet is far from dead!


by Jason Sangster | 11 Jun 2007 12:06 | Atlanta, United States | | Report spam→
And what are things in Tibet evolving to? Why is a Tibetan child in the Barkhor in Lhasa writing his homework in Mandarin? Why are there Tibetans fleeing to Nepal/India at risk of death? Why are Tibetans thrown into jail and tortured/murdered if they say Free Tibet?

You mean to convey the truth in your book and as you decide upon a direction of where you want to go with this project I hope you don’t relegate the aforementioned as part of “merely evolving”.


by David Huang | 11 Jun 2007 17:06 | California, United States | | Report spam→

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