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Crossing into Syria


I am currently staying in Reyhanli – I’ve met a Free Syrian fighter who is willing to take me across.He claims he’s not interested in money but in showing me his village. He said I can stay with him and he will provide food etc and take me where ever but he would need to borrow a car first. I tried to get his phone number but he claimed it didn’t work as he needed a new Turkish sim card. He explained he visited the same Turkish family at the border every day and could meet him there. I spent a good hour quizzing him and think he’s OK

Does this sound legit based on anyone’s recent experiences?

He had pictures on his phone of journalists that he claims he has taken into Syria in recent months. I have emailed one to try and get her to confirm he’s trustable and a description but yet to hear back.

I don’t fancy the trip alone -I had hoped to meet other people to a travel with. Is anyone in the area who fancies hooking up.



by Jay Miles at 2012-08-26 19:55:42 UTC | Bookmark | | Report spam→

PM me the name of the woman if you want to and I can tell you if its who I know. I have a friend who just crossed with someone similar sounding to this.

by Mark Kauzlarich | 27 Aug 2012 05:08 | Wisconsin, United States | | Report spam→
It’s too late now—-but I’d not telegraph your location in T-land—-


by David Bro | 27 Aug 2012 05:08 (ed. Aug 27 2012) | Orange County-Los Angeles, United States | | Report spam→
Jay! You´re right in front of the Syria border and ask lighstalkers to figure out whether your smuggling guy is maybe ok? You hoped to meet others to go with you. And you´ve got a FSA guy without a working mobile. Maybe you havn´t heard it yet, but Syria isn´t a f**cking Disneyland! It doesn´t seem you´re generally prepared for that trip!

think twice what you´re going to do next! And take care of yourself..!

by randbild | 27 Aug 2012 15:08 (ed. Aug 27 2012) | Gorleben, Germany | | Report spam→
Remember the incident that FSA allegedly brought journo(s) into a place so the journos could easily get shot by the Syrian army. On purpose. So the FSA could say that the Syrian army shoots journos.

People using my life as an asset would be my first concern in that place. I think by now its such a rif raf of fighters…I would not enter alone and talk to commnders instead of fighters that wanna show their village…that sounds too familiar to an old pick-up line in Nepal of Nepali guys luring backpacking girls into their village for a genuine experience…don’t need to explain where that sort of things end up.

by Tom Van Cakenberghe | 27 Aug 2012 17:08 (ed. Aug 27 2012) | Kathmandu, Nepal | | Report spam→
Thank you for replies and I appreciate your concerns. You only get one life and I am not throwing mine away. I am well aware of the links posted and the consequences of getting it wrong for my friends, family and villages I may have ended up in. I had already come to the conclusion prior to posting that I wasn’t going to use the guy unless the the supposed person responded to my email. I do honestly wonder how many people have turned up at the border and went across and I wanted to hear how things went.

There was a very detailed post a while ago about the different options at the border – http://www.lightstalkers.org/posts/need-help-in-syria-in-middle-of-september I was asking for lights talkers members to share experiences. Isn’t that a point of a forum?That was all i.e. did you turn up at the border and meet someone who took you across etc? I wasn’t asking you to vet my guy.If I was that stupid I deserve to be shot. Sorry if that’s how my post came across.

Thanks again



by Jay Miles | 28 Aug 2012 00:08 | Reyhanli , Turkey | | Report spam→
Good luck to you…. you’ve made it that far, so I think you’re pretty committed in entering Syria.

Have you tried interviewing people in the refugee camps?? It’s been my experience that people in those camps are will to help you… once they get used to you.

by Humphrey Cheung | 30 Aug 2012 08:08 | Los Angeles, United States | | Report spam→

Are you on with someone? Agency, Outlet etc? Do you have experience with this sort of situation? Do you have money? Before you dismiss these questions, keep in mind very few people who CAN help you are going to without asking these.

The FSA in Antakya are charging and the crew responsible for organizing this all have working mobiles and they have been working for sometime. They are an organized group, well connected and constantly in touch.

There are people who can help you but most aren’t going to do it if you are on a fishing expedition with nobody waiting for work. It is not about newcomers, turf or anything like that so don’t bother with that lecture. it is a FUCKING dangerous endeavour and you are not making choices that effect you alone. All the folks involved in getting you where you want to be are putting their lives on the line too. Please think long and hard about risking their lives if you have nothing negotiated.

It is also a bit of a dicey endeavour trying to sort it on a very public forum like this. As R mentioned, it is a very, very dangerous place in there. Find someone who has been in and out, has had work run and send them a note. Asking on here is not going to get you the playback in a return post.

Humphrey is providing you with very good info. Get on a bus and head down to the camp in Yeladagi.

They situation you are describing in your original post smells like serious trouble to me. I know you want in but I would sever that relationship immediately.

my two cents. good luck.

by john d | 01 Sep 2012 16:09 (ed. Sep 1 2012) | hetay, Turkey | | Report spam→

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