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crowd control

heya everyone,
wanted to point out a new feature shinji has hooked up.

at the bottom of the message board there is a box you can click to choose “show posts from ALL lightstalkers”.
If you choose that option your message board will show messages posted by everyone and anyone from the member directory. Otherwise you will only see messages posted by people on your contact list.

some people have expressed concern about LS losing the light and tight vibe we had originally — this feature allows you to filter your LS intake to personal taste.

by teru kuwayama at 2004-12-14 19:24:48 UTC (ed. Mar 12 2008 ) | Bookmark | | Report spam→

duh. I just noticed that there was already an extensive thread on this subject, that I posted a message on personally.
I suppose short term memory has never been my forte. I just wish I could remember where I stashed my hydro.

by teru kuwayama | 14 Dec 2004 19:12 | | Report spam→
HEY !… When i add someone to my contact list … that person should see that i added him/her
… would be a good thing. what do u think ?

by [former member] | 14 Dec 2004 19:12 | | Report spam→
Hi Leo — everyone on your contact list is visible to anyone who looks at your profile. if you want to inform someone you’ve added them, you could send them a message via email — their email address should be on their profile. if it’s not, or not visible, it probably means they don’t want to be contacted. I believe an internal LS messaging system is also in the works, so you can send messages directly from profile to profile.

Bottom line though, we tried to create a system that minimizes that kind of thing. Otherwise, we inevitably end up with something like friendster or editorial photo, etc., where you have some useful functions and info totally lost in a sea of spam and bullshit.

by teru kuwayama | 14 Dec 2004 20:12 | | Report spam→
Thats right! I agree with you man … Also makes everybody more into ONE big group , and everybody sees all the info is posted …
I guess is a bad idea jut to add all the features you can think of…

by [former member] | 15 Dec 2004 01:12 | | Report spam→
heya my man, keep the suggestions coming though…we want to keep shinji busy and off the street, so he doesn’t get into any trouble. he’s been really slow at working out the lightstalkers time machine I’ve been asking for, which makes me suspect he’s goofing off in chat rooms again…

by [unverified member] | 15 Dec 2004 08:12 | | Report spam→
my bad, the last post was from me, on my mom’s computer. I’m holed up in the woods, at the kuwayama family post-nuclear apocolypse shelter.

by teru kuwayama | 15 Dec 2004 08:12 | | Report spam→
Hey, just chiming in with my $0.02 (which is not an insignificant fraction of the LS budget). Leo, just to respond to your last reply — exactly! We’re trying to add new features in a thoughtful way, that makes the most sense for everyone. In addition, as we develop more and more flexibility, we all as individuals can take our own personal approach to the site. There are some of us who will want to see every post, and there are others of us who will enjoy being able to filter. What we’re doing is allowing everyone to customize this, for maximum productivity.

Also, I hear your suggestion about notifying people when you add them to your list. One of my current projects is a “private message” system, which I think should address this need… BOLO for that!

by Shinji Kuwayama | 15 Dec 2004 09:12 | | Report spam→

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