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Crying over Greenberg's photos

A friend of mine just forwarded this to me.
Seems there is a blog war going on over a series of photos in which Jill Greenberg made kids cry. Now lots of adults are crying over those photos.
I had read about the photos but did not know there was a heated blog exchange going on over them. Was wondering what other people’s views of this are. Is this an issue that our president needs to get ivolved with (maybe get to use his second veto) or is just a case of a bloger gone wild?

by Radhanatha Jakupko at 2006-07-25 15:59:07 UTC (ed. Mar 12 2008 ) Florida , United States | Bookmark | | Report spam→

Ha! if W.C. Fields were a photographer . . .

I cant decide which is sillier, the extreme reaction or the original idea. The reaction alleging child abuse and long term emotional damage is just ridiculous. Americans have lost touch with reality. As for the idea behind the exhibit, here is the basic premise, which, if you ask me, is just as silly:

“The work depicts how children would feel if they knew the state of the world they’re set to inherit, explained Greenberg, whose own daughter is featured in the show. “Our government is so corrupt, with all the cronyism and corporate lobbyists,” she said. “I just feel that our world is being ruined. And the environment — when I was pregnant, I kept thinking that I’d love to have a tuna fish sandwich, but I couldn’t because we’ve ruined our oceans.”

Good lord, I cant think of a dumber premise, but fine, that is the Art World these days. That any of this should be considered worthy of note is beyond me. On their own, though, without the pretentious theme, I thought the photos were rather interesting. I know W.C. would have approved ;)

by Jon Anderson | 25 Jul 2006 21:07 | a casa, Dominican Republic | | Report spam→
Im with john! :)))))…I find Greenberg’s photographs (which have been ‘hot’ for a while now) solipsistic, superficial, and (worst sin of all) completely cliched and empty…but, i also find the reaction to her work (i saw this war begin several months ago, and it also involve the nyc gallery) just as moronic and pathetic….its all silly, indeed….new york artworld (art world in general, and yea, i know im a lifelong member of said world) is as ridiculous as most of the blog-o-sphere….we’ve evolved into a wonderously bored species….greenberg, ironically, is part of a certain paternalist-world filled with cronyism as well (chelsea)….at least Fields had mae west ;)))))))….off topic, but this: has anyone see the Nachtwey/Hitchens essay in Vanity Fair about fallout from Agent Orange??…now this is something to talk about…read the essay as well…bob


by [former member] | 25 Jul 2006 21:07 | Toronto (home sweet), Canada | | Report spam→
controversy sells.oldest trick in the art dealers book.

by Michael Bowring | 25 Jul 2006 21:07 | Belgrade, Serbia | | Report spam→
by the way, i’ve posted the nachtwey/hitchens essay in the ALERT section….i couldnt find the essay at VII, so i linked to Vanity Fair….bb

by [former member] | 25 Jul 2006 21:07 | Toronto (home sweet), Canada | | Report spam→
solipsistic, superficial, empty, cliched—-all the correct words to describe this kind of bullshit (technically pretty pictures as an aside). and bob, thanks for directing everyone’s attention to a group of pictures much more worthy of attention and discussion—that last one is a living nightmare….

by Kenneth Dickerman | 25 Jul 2006 21:07 (ed. Jul 25 2006) | Chicago, IL, United States | | Report spam→
thanks for connecting those two pieces of work.i know greenbergs work.i shant make any further comment about it,you and jon have expressed its worth eloquently and aptly.whats interesting to me is that at no point whatsoever did it make me think of my own child.then i looked at the agent orange story.halfway through i just had to go and look at my sleeping child.not because he is ill,he is not,i just had to,i can’t really explain why.
there is a definition of of evil that describes it as a complete and total lack of empathy.that description,to me anyway,fits the actions of the american military(and their cohorts and apologists),from hiroshima,through agent orange to whatever time bomb they are planting now.history is littered with with the evil behaviour of despots and tyrants,the 20th century perhaps being the worst.however,even the disgusting acts of the most evil die with them,physically if not always mentally.societies can recover,heal,grow.what is the justification of acts such as the nuclear annihilation of hiroshima and and the use of agent orange?none as far i can see,just acts of unmitigated evil.

by Michael Bowring | 25 Jul 2006 22:07 | Belgrade, Serbia | | Report spam→
Michael: :)))))….exactly!….I’ve left a post tonight about the same think: i saw the essay last night as i was sending my son off to visit his grandparents in Moscow….my hope, always, is that work like this will lead our sons and daughters to make this place better than most of us have left it…..here are my words about my son and this story: thanks Michael! ….bob


by [former member] | 25 Jul 2006 22:07 | Toronto (home sweet), Canada | | Report spam→
For an even more harrowing and typically unflinching and fully dedicated look at the evil of Agent Orange, have a look at Philip Jones Griffiths’ Agent Orange

Michael, no need to explain, I know just what you mean. I can look at Greenberg’s preposterous work and not think about my own child or even the supposedly abused children in the shoot, and make jokes about them a la W.C. Fields ( a notorious hater of children) simply because the stuff is void and null. But the Nachtwey piece, and even more so, the Jones Griffiths definitely makes you want to go and hug your child. Such work genuinely makes you ponder the nature of the world we live in. As for evil, the thing that makes it so horrible is its utter banality: decisions like that to use agent orange or carpet bomb Cambodia are taken in an ambience that resembles nothing less than a corporate board meeting — the utter sterility and inhuman abstraction of the decision making process are what is so frightening. Because the bureaucratic structures that organize the world and form the context within which such decisions are taken are precisely what allows for, even encourages, such cold ultra rationalistic thinking. The great critics of the 20th century were not wrong about this. Bush in his defense of the Israeli bombing of Lebanon, or his “pacification” of Iraq, thinks and exists within such a vacuum. The prevailing agenda takes on an unmitigated and unquestionable force. Jones Griffiths, with his two volumes, Vietnam Inc. and Agent Orange, has done more than any other journalist to lay bare the kind of thinking that leads to such insane, though thoroughly “rational” acts.

by Jon Anderson | 25 Jul 2006 23:07 | a casa, Dominican Republic | | Report spam→
Nice lighting though. Nice white borders on the prints too I bet.

by Dave Yoder | 25 Jul 2006 23:07 | Milan, Italy | | Report spam→
Jon…:))))…exactly….and I’ve returned many times to the Jones Griffith book…something, last night, unraveled inside me, discovering nachtwey’s new work and sending dima away…..anyway…..exactly…b

by [former member] | 25 Jul 2006 23:07 | Toronto (home sweet), Canada | | Report spam→
Whatever is done about Greenberg, just leave the Prez out of it!! Every time he opens his mouth or flings his signing pen, I cringe… :-)

by Luis E. Andrade | 26 Jul 2006 00:07 | Philly Metro Area, Jersey Side, United States | | Report spam→

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