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D200 time exposures?

Can anyone tell me how to do a time exposure (above the 30 minutes available on the shutter speed dial) on the Nikon D200? Thanks, Rita.

by [a former member] at 2006-06-17 12:06:08 UTC (ed. Mar 12 2008 ) Toronto , Canada | Bookmark | | Report spam→

Hi Rita,

You should just be able to use the Bulb setting and just leave it? Does it time out if you do that?

Good luck.

by candace feit | 17 Jun 2006 17:06 | Dakar, Senegal | | Report spam→
Thanks Candace – with the Bulb setting you have to keep the shutter release depressed for the duration of the exposure, which would cause camera shake (and make your finger tired). Some digi cameras have what is called a T setting, where the shutter opens when you hit the shutter release, and closes when you hit it another time. But the D200 doesn’t have this. I was hoping there was some trick I hadn’t discoverd – unless you know a way to keep the shutter open on bulb that I haven’t figures out? But I think perhaps the only way to do the longer exposures is with a remote cable release (80 bucks). And then there is a battery problem – after about 45 minutes the battery will be depleated. Still, I’m interested in doing some tests, so at some point I’m going to plug my camera into a car battery out in the wilderness and do a really long time exposure to see what happens. I was just wondering if anyone had tried this out and what they’d found. I’ll probalby try first with star trails in the 2 hour range. I would like to see what the D200 (or any digital camera for that matter) can do with very long exposures shot at low ISOs and small apertures. Or do we still need to use film for this kind of thing?

by [former member] | 18 Jun 2006 22:06 | Toronto, Canada | | Report spam→
Hi Rita,

What I have found is that the results (with digital gear and long exposures) are very ‘noisy’; could be I have not found the right combination yet (still experimenting.) I think that this is another area where film is still a better solution…


by Dale Reagan | 19 Jun 2006 02:06 | Savannah, Georgia | | Report spam→
Thanks for the info Dale. Just wondering: What is the longest exposure you’ve found pleasing? I’m hoping I can do some night landscapes that will take a good 15 minutes. Have you tried that length of exposure? I hope not to have to rent a film camera, but it might be unavoidable.

by [former member] | 19 Jun 2006 04:06 | Toronto, Canada | | Report spam→
I’ll make you a great deal on that film camera you’ll want to rent. Let me know.


by John Trotter | 19 Jun 2006 12:06 | Brooklyn, NY, United States | | Report spam→

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