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Disappearing Topic?

Hey there. I just went to update a topic of mine and I noticed that it was gone from the main page and the events page. Then I logged in and it reappeared, then I logged out again and it disappeared! Strange… Does anyone know why this would be happening? Heres the link http://www.lightstalkers.org/photography-exhibition-in-brooklyn-nov-4-5-6 Is the page showing up for others? I just added a post to it and it worked fine, the thread jumped to the top of the list and whatnot but then I logged out again to see if it really did anything and poof once again gone. I guess im going to try to repost the thread and see if it works like that but please, any input would be great.

by David Sperry at 2005-11-03 17:08:25 UTC (ed. Mar 12 2008 ) brooklyn , United States | Bookmark | | Report spam→

That happens to me as well.

by Morgan Hagar | 03 Nov 2005 17:11 | Los Angeles, United States | | Report spam→
Can anyone see my original thread though? In Events it should be at or near the top “Photography Exhibition in Brooklyn (Nov 4, 5, 5)” Thats what im wondering about. My posts in threads that ive contributed to show up fine but any threads that ive started myself seem to be invisible when im not logged in.

by David Sperry | 03 Nov 2005 17:11 | brooklyn, United States | | Report spam→
I can see your original thread. It is currently listed 6th or 7th from the top, with this thread appearing first at the time of my writing.

I have also experienced the situation you are describing.

Hope this helps…


by [former member] | 03 Nov 2005 18:11 | New York, NY, United States | | Report spam→
Yeah I guess my question was somewhat flawed conceptually as anyone able to see this thread should be able to see the other and anyone not able to see the other probably wont be reading this to answer…. Possibly new members have their threads hidden from anyone not logged in? I dont get it though, kind of a strange policy. Im just trying to figure this place out and make sure im not doing anything wrong.

by David Sperry | 03 Nov 2005 18:11 | brooklyn, United States | | Report spam→
I noticed that the same thing is happening with other peoples threads even when im logged in. I posted a reply to a thread I got to via a search and I cant even see the thread listed. When I do a search it comes up but not when im browsing the forums. Whats the deal with this site?

by David Sperry | 04 Nov 2005 08:11 | brooklyn, United States | | Report spam→
Hi guys, Shinji here. This is a feature of the site we haven’t had the time to talk about much, because of our limited resources. (This is an all-volunteer operation.) Here’s a thorough explanation. When you’re logged in, you can "filter" posts, based on your extended network. That part you probably already know.

This approach only works for logged-in people, of course. We know that some people — for example, photo editors — never log into the site. To handle that, Lightstalkers has a contact list of its own, which we manage manually, as we notice new members popping up on the boards. It’s not scientific; we just look for profiles with real names, galleries, and usable contact info. The idea is just to protect the site from bunk profiles, or spam.

A lot gets overlooked, but we’re working on it. We do have one upgrade already planned, which should open things up considerably. Questions and comments are welcome, as always…

by Shinji Kuwayama | 04 Nov 2005 09:11 | Chicago, United States | | Report spam→
Shinji -

You guys are doing a truly wonderful job.

I know I speak for many of us when I say “Thank You” for your effort and many successes with Lightstalkers.

Keep up the great work.



by [former member] | 04 Nov 2005 12:11 | New York, NY, United States | | Report spam→
Ahh, now everything makes sense. Thanks for the explination and id like to thank you as well for setting up this website. Ive only been around a few days but it seems to be an amazing mix of people and resources. Im fairly young and new to all of this and the site contains a wealth of knowledge that I know will help me greatly. Cheers

by David Sperry | 04 Nov 2005 12:11 | brooklyn, United States | | Report spam→

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