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DoubleTruck Magazine

Hi guys,

Have you ever heard of ‘DoubleTruck Magazine’? It’s edited by Zuma Press agency. Anyone worked with them?


by Tudor Vintiloiu at 2009-08-14 15:07:28 UTC (ed. Aug 27 2009 ) Bucharest , Romania | Bookmark | | Report spam→

Send invoice.

by Daniel Legendre | 14 Aug 2009 15:08 | Paris, France | | Report spam→
I’m a little confused…you say you ‘gave them the images to be sold through the agency’. Does that mean you signed a contract with them and they represent you?

If you’re working with them as your agency I would have thought that your contract would have spelled out if they can use the images for their magazine or other uses.

My advice would be to first read your contract and then talk to your contact/editor at the agency and find out. I suspect they’ll claim it was promotional use and say something to the effect that it will benefit you as a marketing tool and you should be happy that they used your image for free. But that’s just a guess.

Good luck.

by Noah Addis | 14 Aug 2009 15:08 | Philadelphia, United States | | Report spam→
Doubletruck is a promo piece for Zuma. It could be good exposure for you, or not…if you have a contract you would expect that Zuma is doing more than just using your work for promotional materials…otherwise whats the point of participating in an agency.

Via the ’Publisher’s Notes’ page – “DOUBLEtruck Magazine will pay photographers once we start breaking even. The magazine needs to get enough subscribers and/or sponsors to make this happen. Once we are out of the red, we will start paying a nice usage fee to each person whose image makes it into the magazine. More, on this once we get to that point.”

by Matt Wright-Steel | 14 Aug 2009 20:08 (ed. Aug 14 2009) | Texas, United States | | Report spam→
Doubletruck has to decide whether it is a marketing piece for Zuma or a magazine. If it limits its photo usage to Zuma members, then it can make a strong argument that it is a marketing effort and then fall in the “right…to market..the…rights” license. If not, it is hard to say its purpose is to market and it sounds like a misappropriation of the right to publish the work.

The published hope in the “Publishers Notes” does not alter the foregoing. The fact that the mag is not making money has nothing to do with the rights to publish.

by [former member] | 14 Aug 2009 23:08 | Washington, DC, United States | | Report spam→
Agreed Neal.

by Matt Wright-Steel | 15 Aug 2009 00:08 | Texas, United States | | Report spam→

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