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Dubai story


What’s the betting this is going to be a tough story to get published? I’ve had a pretty good set of rejections so far.

by John Perkins at 2005-11-19 05:19:43 UTC (ed. Mar 12 2008 ) London , United Kingdom | Bookmark | | Report spam→

I’ve been to Dubai and this topic interests me greatly.  As a photographer, I admire those pictures—but if I were a magazine editor I might have a hard time figuring out what to do with them, since they are all so dark.  Most are hard to "read," to figure out the narrative content.  I don’t really get a sense of the conditions in Dubai or the lives of the workers from the pictures.  That’s not criticism per se, just commenting on the style you chose for this story—but I realize that you had to work surreptitiously and the shots reflect that.

by [former member] | 19 Nov 2005 08:11 | New York City, United States | | Report spam→
Try giving Construction News a shout. Grab a copy at WH Smith and see their style. I have been on some of the biggest jobs all over the world because I have buddies who follow the jobs everywhere from Eurodisney to the Petronas Towers and are always good for gossip. Half of my Bosnian/Croatian/Kurdish/Afghan/ Albanian contacts I met on building sites.
 The big specialist magazines (and even construction companies) usually pay well for such stuff, but you need to know what to look for (they are big on detail, unless they are trying to hide something they have fucked up and I would expect to spend a lot of time flying around above the site) and will roll out the red carpet for someone who knows their stuff. Get pally with them and you are made and they will fly you around everywhere and put you up in nothing less than five star anything. Good photos BTW.

by Mikethehack | 19 Nov 2005 10:11 | | Report spam→
very interesting work. I would imagine work like this not going down well among the powers that be in dubai..i really like the style you have implemented in doing this story..unfortunately i have no leads on how you could get this story published..just a thumbs up to your good work!

by [former member] | 20 Nov 2005 10:11 | Dubai, United Arab Emirates | | Report spam→
by the way..it would help if the captions were along with the images on the webpage..

by [former member] | 20 Nov 2005 10:11 | Dubai, United Arab Emirates | | Report spam→

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