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Editorial fee??

Hi! I need some help for editorial fees…

How much is the avarage rate for portrait shots for second-hand-use editorials? What I mean is that I did a job with celeb for a mag and later other magazine contacted through the original mag to run the same photos. They want to know the rate for full page, half page and the cover. Can anybody help me out? This is portrait but since it was pretty known celebrity plus I went to Jamaica to shoot this, I wonder the fee could change…??

Thanks thanks…
Maki 0

by [a former member] at 2005-07-02 07:49:11 UTC (ed. Mar 12 2008 ) Tokyo , Japan | Bookmark | | Report spam→

Hi Maki, the fee depends on what magazine the picture is running in, what their circulation is, etc.
 "Editorial Photographers" (ep) has a tool called the estimator which calculated space rates for resales, if you plug in circulation and full page ad rate of the mag in question, it’ll give you the numbers for full, half page etc.
Check here: http://www.editorialphoto.com/resources/estimator/estimator.asp .
Of course you can always make up your own prices, but the estimator will give a good starting point.
Cheers, Imke

by Imke Lass | 02 Jul 2005 08:07 (ed. Jul 2 2005) | Savannah, United States | | Report spam→
Oi Maki Maki —

here’s a few links that might help you — there isn’t really an “average rate” — it depends on the magazine, circulation (how many copies they print), how much advertising they have, and the details of your photo and the size and place they want to print it, and other details.

Fotoquote is a pricing software that a lot of people use. For that, and any other calculator programs, you need to know the circulation at least.

http://www.d-65.com/priceassist.html (for a $25 fee, they will analyze the magazine and usage and give you a rate), but they also provide this chart on their site:


they also have an extensive section on copyright, business forms, etc.


Another person who has been recommended for photographer accounting and invoicing is Donovan Robotham of Phase 6 Accounting Services.
his email address is donovan@phase6ix.com



You can also look at the websites on photo agencies and see how they price usage.

On the Corbis website, a really bad portrait of Shaggy comes in at $975 for these stats:

Category: Editorial Use: Magazines/Newspapers
Use Type: Editorial: Magazine – Custom Published
Geography: US
Language: English
Image Size: Up to Full Page
Placement: Inside
Circulation/Print Run: Up to 500,000
Exposure: Print
Industry: Entertainment

How’s the bikram in Tokyo?

by teru kuwayama | 02 Jul 2005 09:07 (ed. Jul 2 2005) | brooklyn, United States | | Report spam→
hey thanks so much for you two’s info! it is so helpful!! i will try going to the websites and see….

until i see u…ciao!
xo maki
p.s. bikram in tokyo…mmnn…i’m curious! 0 and many jp started doing yoga here.

by [former member] | 03 Jul 2005 07:07 | Tokyo, Japan | | Report spam→

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