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Factory workers multimedia

There is a multimedia piece about Chom Chao, an area in the suburbs of Phnom Penh where part of the 300000 Cambodian garment factory workers sleep, work, and have nothing much more to do because inflation is eating away their 50$ a month salary. It is called ‘Chom Chao, les jeunes exilées du textile’ and you can find it on the Ka-set website

This is just a teaser of what I hope will become a bigger story.

The website is in French and in Khmer but the multimedia slideshows are bilingual French and English… Not that it is really important. It’s more about photographs and ambient sound.

by [a former member] at 2008-10-08 02:34:09 UTC (ed. Oct 8 2008 ) Phnom Penh, Centre of the Univ , Cambodia | Bookmark | | Report spam→

John, this is a powerful, moving story done with love and respect. Yes, it shows us the terrible injustice and exploitation of these women but also their strength and extraordinary resilience – qualities that might have been bypassed by a less sensitive observer. Bravo!
Warm regards,

by Pablo Delano | 08 Oct 2008 14:10 (ed. Oct 8 2008) | Hartford, United States | | Report spam→
Yes..I have some knowledge of it.
It needs to become a much bigger story.
Are you active in that?
If you are, keep pushing, to the English speaking world in particular.
Hope you make a difference.

by L--T | 08 Oct 2008 14:10 | Tokyo, Japan | | Report spam→
I like it. Theres a shot that throws me, the scooter at the soccer field. I really like the repetition of the pink and blues. The flow isn’t really there for me though in the way they’re presented may be its the order or the transitions from one pic to another I hate to bring something up I can’t remedy but I feel that theres too many verts in a row or something I can’t put my finger on it. The photos themselves are great but like i said the flow is off for me. Thanks for showing what mass consumption creates. John

by John Roark | 08 Oct 2008 15:10 | Chattanooga, TN, United States | | Report spam→
Active in what?
In the story? Yes but not more than trying to be the usual go-between…
In Ka-set.info? I’m a co-founder and picture editor/photojournalist there… The site will be partially in English end of October.

by [former member] | 08 Oct 2008 21:10 | Phnom Penh, Centre of the Univ, Cambodia | | Report spam→
John, one of the Introduction slide reads the girls make “50$”. Can you clarify is that $50.00 per week or month.

by Richard Lui | 09 Oct 2008 06:10 | Los Angeles, United States | | Report spam→
colors and garbage

by Dato Rostomashvili | 09 Oct 2008 07:10 | Tbilisi, Georgia | | Report spam→

Difficult to change once it’s launched. But it is 50$ a month. After (often forced) overtime they get 70 or 80$ a month. They pay 25$ for a room they share with three or four, spend some 1$ per day on food. Means they can send back between 8 or 10$ a month at the family in the home village.

by [former member] | 09 Oct 2008 08:10 | Phnom Penh, Centre of the Univ, Cambodia | | Report spam→

as always, powerful and enriching….for us, alas the hope for the girls too eventually….

uncannily, it speaks the same to me as Quest for Land work…the issues are the same, and still drawn and quatered in the same circumstances…a natural and critical connection to your Quest for Land work….

the picture with the baby, in the foreground flash-white-ghost and young girl cupping her ear in the background, is an uncanny and profoundly moving photograph…and for me along with the #5 pic, the pics of mother washing her child, the pic of the girls smiling beneath carts, the dark “tunnel” shot and 2 oxen pic, the apotheosis of the story…

and watching them eat amid the squalor and trash….just tears the heart….


merci ami

by [former member] | 09 Oct 2008 20:10 (ed. Oct 9 2008) | New York City, United States | | Report spam→
I look forward to reading the English version of the sight.

by Richard Lui | 10 Oct 2008 07:10 | Los Angeles, United States | | Report spam→
Nice work John. I really like the photography, but the sound was really great. What are you recording with? One more question, do you think you will focus on one subject story as the project moves along or will you keep the same focus as you have started now?

Keep up the great work.


by Ehrin Macksey | 10 Oct 2008 19:10 | Hanoi, Vietnam | | Report spam→
Ehrin: the sound was a mix of street noise recorded on an Olympus LS10 and a song by The Messenger Band, a group of garment factory workers. You can find the songs and the lyrics here

As for your question on focusing on this or that: these stories are usually made of a whole series of small stories which, when put together, make a bigger story. It’s about collecting the pieces of the puzzle…

by [former member] | 11 Oct 2008 21:10 (ed. Oct 11 2008) | Phnom Penh, Centre of the Univ, Cambodia | | Report spam→

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