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Filing in Lebanon -- URGENT!!

Hello all- Sorry for the breathless tone, but i’m desperate need of a filing solution after a grueling week in Tyre with no reliable internet access. I’m wondering if anyone in Lebanon has an old BGAN that I might buy/rent/borrow (I pay charges regardless). Or maybe someone knows where I could get one on short notice. Within a couple of days.

Failing that, anyone know where I could find a Thuraya USB data cable. On their website, they say it supports Macs.

Failing THAT, how about a usb-to-serial adapter?

As I’m in Lebanon, we’re under embargo, which makes getting anything in very difficult, but if anyone knows anyone who knows anyone, etc., I would be really, really grateful.

Thanks so much and any quick response are much appreciated.


by [a former member] at 2006-07-29 19:07:07 UTC (ed. Mar 12 2008 ) Beirut , Lebanon | Bookmark | | Report spam→

This is gonna sound stupid…but if ya can’t file, how did ya post your LS request?

Is it stills, or text? I don’t know the situation in Beirut, but if landlines are working you might be better off tracking one down and using that. Satphones might be slow or flaky as all the media is using the bandwidth.

Try an internet cafe, hotel business centre, someone’s house…

by [former member] | 29 Jul 2006 19:07 | London, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
Dude, have you tried the Mayflower or Marble Towers hotel? People tell me they have decent internet still.
I’ll pm you an email address of a friend who’s there.

by [former member] | 29 Jul 2006 19:07 | Copenhagen, Denmark | | Report spam→
I should have been clearer: My internet connection in Beirut is no problem. My home connection is dandy. It’s in places like Tyre or elsewhere south of Beirut or in the Bekaa where things are impossible. I was in Tyre all this past week and logistically it was a disaster because my partner who had the bgan flaked on me and I was left begging time on others’ computers, which gave me no time to really file well or get wires, etc.

So, thanks for the suggestions, but need something for the field. Sorry for the initial confusion.

by [former member] | 29 Jul 2006 19:07 | Beirut, Lebanon | | Report spam→
Christopher, the Thuraya situation was a bitch with the mac the last time i tried, which is 3 years ago. There was ONE (1) compatible usb-serial adapter, the reference of which i of course don’t remember (one of the kensingtons, i think) . so be extra careful on what you get, the things are picky.

by [former member] | 29 Jul 2006 20:07 | Mogadishu, Somalia | | Report spam→

I don’t have a solution for you but as an army guy I’m thinking, why on earth didn’t you go there with a BGAN in the first place!? A war zone. Live and learn. Good luck next time!

Sgt Frank Hudec
Cameraman/Canadian Forces Army News

by [former member] | 29 Jul 2006 20:07 (ed. Jul 29 2006) | Ottawa, Canada | | Report spam→
Christopher I hope you find something. I find your reports very insightful….

by [former member] | 29 Jul 2006 20:07 | new orleans, United States | | Report spam→
Dear Sgt. Always Prepared: I live in Beirut. It’s my home base. I didn’t GO to a war zone without one. A war came to me and I’m now under an Israeli blockade. Maybe if I had the Canadian government buying all my gear for me, I could be as wise and prepared as you.

by [former member] | 29 Jul 2006 20:07 | Beirut, Lebanon | | Report spam→
Sucks to be you Christopher. Perhaps living in that part of the world, and based there, you would have actually foresaw the need for one ahead of time.

Sgt Frank Hudec
Cameraman/Canadian Forces Army News

by [former member] | 29 Jul 2006 20:07 | Ottawa, Canada | | Report spam→
Good words, Chris!!

by [former member] | 30 Jul 2006 00:07 | Santiago, Chile | | Report spam→
Good on you Chris!

by Paul KISS | 30 Jul 2006 03:07 | Melbourne - St Kilda, Australia | | Report spam→

Apologies if I am telling you how to suck eggs, but as I gather you’re filing words alone (?) have you considered sending over cell phone? Generally a breeze for small transmissions. Or has the infrastructure been knocked out in Tyre?



by Wade Laube | 30 Jul 2006 05:07 | Sydney, Australia | | Report spam→
Chris, Are you able to get to the major border crossing into Syria?

by Bill Putnam | 30 Jul 2006 05:07 | Portland, Oregon, United States | | Report spam→

Are you in Tyre(Sour)at the moment? I know one photographer who is there at the moment who has BGAN.
Ask around for the English Photographer Jason Howe…he is on LS so do a search…Also Daniel Barry who so kindly brought me in some film is heading to Tyre soon & he also has BGAN.Daniel is also on LS.
Lebanese cell phones are not working south of Saida(I was there yesterday)so you might ave to be in Tyre to get in contact… I am shooting film which is less of a headache.

If your in Tyre stay cool & safe.

BTW Sgt!Why dont you do a parachute jump into the hot zone & bring in a box full of BGAN’s!


by [former member] | 30 Jul 2006 06:07 (ed. Jul 30 2006) | Saida Southern Lebanon, Lebanon | | Report spam→
Bill, the Beirut to Damascus road is closed after it was bombed today.

by Wade Laube | 30 Jul 2006 08:07 | Sydney, Australia | | Report spam→
Thanks for the help, all! (Well, almost all.) I’m filing mainly words and I’m looking for a thuraya connection now, as well as seeing if anyone I know is coming in soon. But with the Masnaa road bombed… the israelis aren’t making this easy.

I was in Sour all last week and just came up to Beirut to solve my logistical problems. Now qana. Jesus. I will be back down there tomorrow or so.

by [former member] | 30 Jul 2006 08:07 | Beirut, Lebanon | | Report spam→
Damn. Thanks, Wade.

by Bill Putnam | 30 Jul 2006 09:07 | Portland, Oregon, United States | | Report spam→
christopher: there are photographers traveling too and from beirut all the time at the moment. i believe bruno stevens is on his way back. perhaps one of them can bring appropriate equipment/chords/cables to you? i am sure there are plenty of people moving back and forth in the coming weeks. a

by [former member] | 30 Jul 2006 09:07 | stockholm, Sweden | | Report spam→
BTW Sgt!Why dont you do a parachute jump into the hot zone & bring in a box full of BGAN’s!

You know Mark, I just find it kinda funny that some seasoned PJ’s wouldn’t think of these things ahead of time. What do you expect in any war zone? Cell-phone coverage? Bank machines? High-speed Internet cafes? Four-lane highways? Full-serve gas stations? 24-hour supermarkets? …..

Stay safe.

Sgt Frank Hudec
Cameraman/Canadian Forces Army News

by [former member] | 30 Jul 2006 15:07 | Ottawa, Canada | | Report spam→
It’s good to talk with photographers from large agencies like AP, Reuter’s etc. If you are not working for the wire they may lend you a Bgan to send over images for free – it happened to me a few times – and if they are not local staff you can help them with a adivce in exchange.

by [former member] | 30 Jul 2006 15:07 | moscow, Russia | | Report spam→
Christopher I arrived back in Beirut today.. When are you looking to go south again?

Need someone to split with? I am staying in the Mayflower Hotel Hamra Room 818 if you get this before you leave & need someone to split with. A reliable driver is paramount…I was with a real fuckwit yesterday who got lost near the destroyed power station at Jiye, North of Saida & got buzzed twice by IAF because we were the only thing moving.

Let me know if you get this in time.

by [former member] | 30 Jul 2006 17:07 (ed. Jul 30 2006) | Saida Southern Lebanon, Lebanon | | Report spam→
Hi Mark,

I was at the Mayflower in March this year and spent a few days with a good driver/translator. Ahmad Moussa, he’s one of the drivers down on the corner between Mayflower and Rue Bliss. He’s an older guy with a decent mercedes wagon. He was pretty good dealing with all the checkpoints, but I’m not sure what he’s up to with the current scenario. He never once tried to rip me off, good all round guy. Look him up if you want someone decent.


by Jamie Mc Donald | 31 Jul 2006 11:07 | Adelaide, Australia | | Report spam→
Yeah Jamie I know Ahmad. He is unfortunatley tied in long term with someone else. I spent half a day with him….Cool as a cucumber.

Thanks anyway


by [former member] | 31 Jul 2006 11:07 | Beirut, Lebanon | | Report spam→
yes…go to the NET off of bliss street by AUB in hamra. open 24/7. if you can’t find a place contact me, i live here and probably in the vicinity i’m sure where you’re trying to conect. there’s also Hanu’s by LAU near the harriri palace.

by [former member] | 31 Jul 2006 22:07 | Beirut, Lebanon | | Report spam→

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