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Fixer needed in the darkroom.

I’ve run out. Please help.

by David White at 2014-02-07 23:07:54 UTC | Bookmark | | Report spam→

There was a similar joke from some years ago but I can’t find it, there are 402 pages with the word fixer in the search. I can’t remember what was my reply the other time. Surely there were other comments from Barry Milyovsky, John Robert Fulton Jr. and others old members. Not pun about that. Probably I asked for some help to someone that can fix my economy. But appears is more easy that someone give me some Sodium thiosulfate .

by Hernan Zenteno | 08 Feb 2014 00:02 | Buenos Aires, Argentina | | Report spam→
The People Who Walk In Darkness Shall See A Great Light

Isaiah 9:1-7

by Barry Milyovsky | 08 Feb 2014 01:02 | New York, United States | | Report spam→
the new fixer is now Vodka… ;)

by Gregory Sharko | 09 Feb 2014 01:02 | Brooklyn, New York, United States | | Report spam→
very funny… ;-D jr

by John Robinson | 10 Feb 2014 07:02 | Pietermaritzburg, South Africa | | Report spam→

by Hernan Zenteno | 15 Feb 2014 13:02 | Buenos Aires, Argentina | | Report spam→
Sharko, are you saying you gave up paint thinner and anti-freeze?

by Barry Milyovsky | 15 Feb 2014 19:02 | New York, United States | | Report spam→
The only thing that I know of that is stronger than anti-freeze is grappa.

by Barry Milyovsky | 15 Feb 2014 19:02 | New York, United States | | Report spam→
no smell no stains and photos always look great…

by Gregory Sharko | 15 Feb 2014 20:02 | Brooklyn, New York, United States | | Report spam→
Hernan some things are difficult to fix i.e a broken marriage

And then there are some things that are easy to fix.

See the excellent Duckrabbit discussion on conflict of interest in award giving.

by Mark Seager | 15 Feb 2014 23:02 | Zurich, Switzerland | | Report spam→
Hi Mark. I saw the post in Duckrabbit. I wanted to comment something but tired now, I come back from cover a very bad match of football. I wanted some beer and maybe a grappa.
Barry, old men immigrants from Italy had a custom here in Buenos Aires to put some plant leaves (ruda, maybe rue is the translation in english?) inside a little bottle of grappa and they drink some sips at first of august. Accord the legend you will not come ill. So, this can fix the colds or other aches. By the way, the ruda is very rude, have a smell and taste very bad.
Gregory, appears that vodka don’t fix well in the darkroom but is a good lens or filter cleaner. And clean my mind sometimes too, the problem are the collateral effects.

by Hernan Zenteno | 16 Feb 2014 01:02 | Buenos Aires, Argentina | | Report spam→
I have a very dirty mind…please, Hernan or Greg, send vodka soonest!

by Neal Jackson | 16 Feb 2014 16:02 | Washington, DC, United States | | Report spam→
a person who makes arrangements for other people, esp. of an illicit or devious kind.
a substance used for fixing a photographic image.

This whole “fixer” business is taking an ugly turn with the “esp. of an illicit or devious kind” business. What kind of page are we running here? That’s not to mention “fixing” a photographic image. I thought photographs, of a journalistic nature, are suppose to be straight and not fixed. Maybe we need to change our name to Lightfixers. Or something.

Oh, nevermind. (I suffer from too many fixer fumes at a young, impressionable age.)

by John Robert Fulton Jr. | 17 Feb 2014 15:02 | Spring Lake, Michigan, United States | | Report spam→

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