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For those of you traveling overland to Haiti

Here is the most recent news regarding the border between Haiti and DR:

"Cowboy part II is the name given to the National Army operation that began today on the Haitian border from Montecristi to Jimani. The operation aims to crack down on arms, drugs and merchandise smuggling, and the crossing of illegal immigrants. This information was confirmed by Armed Forces Minister, Admiral Sigfrido Pared Perez, as reported by El Caribe. Yesterday, a contingent of 205 soldiers and 20 officers was stationed in Dajabon, with trucks, all-terrain vehicles, ambulances, machine guns and rifles. Also expected are several helicopters and other weapons. Orders have been given to respect citizens’ rights."

The main purpose of this initiative is to prevent Haitians from crossing the border, and I doubt their rights will be much respected, though there has been such criticism about this lately that the DR govt may see fit to act respectably.  meanwhile, this probably means that an overland crossing to Haiti from DR is probably not wise if you can opt instead for a direct flight to PAP.  Though more costly the latter option is more certain to get you there.  I think anyone showing up at the border with lots of cameras and a foreign passport is likely to be detained and turned back.  But that is not certain.  Anyway, a word to the wise.

by Jon Anderson at 2006-01-05 14:57:09 UTC (ed. Mar 12 2008 ) Santo Domingo , Dominican Republic | Bookmark | | Report spam→

…nothing changed after 1492…in these days I’m reading a book about the genocide of all the caribbean populations.
no words…

by vittorio zunino celotto | 06 Jan 2006 06:01 | Genoa, Italy | | Report spam→
Ha!  Dont get me started Vittorio, I could go on and on about this fascinating topic.  Lots of good books out there, but you should definitely read Bartolome de Las Casas, the jesuit who defended taino rights, and Fray Ramon Pané on Taino mythology/religion and culture.  fascinating stuff — the image I use as a bio pic currently is a taino idol called a Zemi — the little "hat" on top was where a hallucinogenic drug would be placed for snorting when the tainos gathered together to celebrate what they called an Areito. 

The genocide is dismaying, but an amazing culture was forged out of this oppression, a unique kind of multiculturalism, that still exists today, though it is being slowly wiped out by tourism and global development.  Still, it is amazing to me that I live right in the middle of the very first Spanish colony, whence the conquest of the Americas was launched.  Not just the famous Columbus clan, but Pizarro, Cortes, even Sir Francis Drake all lived here.

Haiti and Cuba have traditionally been the Sirens that call photojournalists to the Carribean, but DR is every bit as interesting, though you have to work a little harder to find the stuff.

by Jon Anderson | 06 Jan 2006 07:01 | Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic | | Report spam→

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