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Freelance grant writers?

hey guys, just wondering if anyone knew of a freelance grant writers, preferably one that has an idea of foundations that could be good for photojournalists to approach? thanks, Steph

by [a former member] at 2006-02-28 08:32:33 UTC (ed. Mar 12 2008 ) Beirut , Lebanon | Bookmark | | Report spam→

Stephanie, usually these people charge some serious bucks for their services, because they work not for individuals so much as for NGOs, art institutions, and so on. You might find someone, though, who is willing to work for a reasonable fee. frankly, you could probably do most of this yourself, like the rest of us, though it does take time. If you like I can email you the article I am writing up for LS which contains advice about where to look and how to write these things up. Finding them is not so hard, as in fact most of the ones that give money to people like us are well known, and some are listed here on the LS resources file, where we have been trying to include a broad range — so for example, I believe Creative Capital is listed there. Sometimes though you can find grant money from foundations that normally have nothing to do overtly with photography. They may consider awarding money on the basis of the applicant’s ethnic background, or they may do so on the basis of the subject matter, or because the project makes use of new media, or because it constitutes an indepth look at a topic and thus has scholarly interest. A good place to look is the Foundation Library, which has an online version: http://fdncenter.org/

by Jon Anderson | 28 Feb 2006 09:02 | Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic | | Report spam→
you might want to look into www.blueearth.org. It’s an org created by photogs in Seattle to help get grant money that could only go to a 501c3 and other kinds of monies. I’m not sure if they have grant writing services but they do seem to have some support to help you out. Their deadline for submissions is in June.

by [former member] | 28 Feb 2006 09:02 | New Jersey, United States | | Report spam→
thanks guys, i have written a bunch of grants myself so it is not the basic stuff i am worried about. i was just looking into approaching other types of organizations as well. and i did check out blueearth.org and they seem great. i will contact them for more info. i will check out the Foundation Library as well. there are just so many good projects worth funding i was wondering what other outlets there were and if a professional grant writer would be worth the investment if they might have some thoughts on how to make really make ideas clear. kind of like how everyone can take an ok photo of a good situaiton, but a skilled or talented photog could make it really sing. not to mention that my schedule is pretty tight and i could use the help. thanks!

by [former member] | 28 Feb 2006 10:02 | Beirut, Lebanon | | Report spam→
Good luck to you Stephanie, I know your schedule must be tight, but I think the personal touch is waht is needed to make it sing, and only you can provide that. Just be sure in your search to be broad in your attack. Consider anything. Sometimes hooking up with an NGO is a good idea, in that there are orgs that do not fund individuals but will fund an NGO in a particular project that would be initiated and guided by you. Check out the Fledgling Fund for example.

by Jon Anderson | 28 Feb 2006 11:02 | Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic | | Report spam→
I do write grants. Successfully so: my latest cooperation with a photographer landed him $15,000. Let me know if you need help, and we can talk. Marton +1-510-334-1164 (Pacific Time); mdunai@yahoo.com

by Marton Dunai | 28 Feb 2006 17:02 | San Francisco, United States | | Report spam→
And I think I can guess who that was.

Well hush my mouth.  Marton, you should list your services in the resources section of this site.  I am not kidding. YOu will have plenty of people seeking you out.  But I dont think you should let out too many details about your clients.

by Jon Anderson | 28 Feb 2006 18:02 (ed. Feb 28 2006) | Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic | | Report spam→
Thanks man. I’ll do that. I’m not a frequent visitor to Lightstalkers, but may be from now on.

by Marton Dunai | 28 Feb 2006 18:02 | San Francisco, United States | | Report spam→

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