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Getting funded through Kickstarter - http://kck.st/c68wQm

Hi all,
I was wondering if you were all familiar with the website kickstarter? It’s a site that allows you to go ‘spanging’ online (micro-fundraising) to fund creative projects. It’s been working really well, and I thought I’d give the community a heads up, since I haven’t seen too many other photojournalism projects…

My friend Chris and I are working on getting funds for our project:

some great rewards are still available, and just a few days to go!


also, there’s also a debate going around kickstarter vs. indiegogo

by [a former member] at 2010-09-07 11:59:11 UTC | Bookmark | | Report spam→

11 Sep 2010 00:09
Erin Siegal successfully funded a project in Guatamala through Kickstarter – it “tipped” fast as I remember.

Karim Ben Khalifa and Tina Ahrens just launched a crowd-funding platform specifically for photojournalism – goes live in a few months.


by teru kuwayama | 07 Sep 2010 17:09 | New York, United States | | Report spam→
Robb Hill just funded a project thru Kickstarter. Raised about US$7200 here in states for in states project. Worked well but needed a bit of a push at the end to meet the goal.

by John Robert Fulton Jr. | 07 Sep 2010 21:09 | Spring Lake, MIchigan, United States | | Report spam→
Tim Hussin and his brother have done a great job on their project as well.

Good luck with your project.

by Peter Hoffman | 08 Sep 2010 02:09 | Naperville, Ill, United States | | Report spam→
Kitra :))

I donated to Erin to help fund her project/book on Gutamala and i’ve heard nothing but terrific things about both Kickstarter and the new crowd-funding emphas.is (j. vink alerted)….

best of luck with your project :))


by [former member] | 09 Sep 2010 01:09 | Charlotte, NC, United States | | Report spam→
Anyone else used Kickstarter? And what about indiegogo? Anyone with actual experience?

by Tamara Gentuso | 10 Sep 2010 12:09 | Nashville, Tennessee, United States | | Report spam→
too bad you have to be based in the US (for now, they say) to start a project on kickstarter

by Allan Lissner | 10 Sep 2010 18:09 | Toronto, Canada | | Report spam→
too bad you have to be based in the US (for now, they say) to start a project on kickstarter

by Allan Lissner | 10 Sep 2010 18:09 | Toronto, Canada | | Report spam→
I am raising funds through a similar site called the point. http://www.thepoint.com/campaigns/making-peace-with-the-world

by Richard Rutledge Sitler | 12 Sep 2010 21:09 | Atlanta, Georgia, United States | | Report spam→
somehow i missed this thread… yes, KS treated me well! got funded within days…. pretty rad.

i think a lot depends on how you spread the word. i just facebooked people, mostly, and it worked.

if anybody has any questions, feel free to pm or email me!


by Erin Siegal McIntyre | 13 Sep 2010 03:09 | Hartford, CT, United States | | Report spam→
Darn! Wish I saw this earlier. Congrats Kitra on getting the project successfully funded.

I’ve had very good experiences both fundraising for projects and donating to projects on Kickstarter. The reward system is an awesome way to build an audience and get people invested before something rolls out. This is a huge boon for game and interaction designers. In some cases, like with Erin Siegal’s project, the private updates for project backers are rich rewards in and of themselves. I just hope the quality of projects keeps up as the system gains popularity.

by Ida | 17 Sep 2010 13:09 | Brooklyn, United States | | Report spam→
My campaign just got accepted and it will be launched soon. It is going to be a multi art platform with a documentary and phohotgraphy incorporated. It is called “The Mitumba Project” following the used clothing trade from America to Africa. It is about consumerism in America and the used clothing trade called “mitumba” the Swahili word for bales, or bales of used clothing. When I was working in Africa on an art project, we purchased bales of blank white shirts for batiking and screenprinting. We went right to the source, in a free trade zoned area, and purchased the bales of clothes for around $40USD per bale. We realized we were buying from Afghanis, and wondered if Americans had any idea their donated used clothes were ending up in their hands. We are going to follow the trade and the reward for the pledges will be various items, such as screen printed mitumba shirts, clothing sewed from recycled mitumba, that wil be made in Tanzania, photographic prints and a book and documentary. I will post more info as it is launched.


by Sara Hemed | 20 Sep 2010 15:09 | Zanzibar, Tanzania | | Report spam→
Ida, you are so sweet! Thank you! :)

by Erin Siegal McIntyre | 22 Sep 2010 21:09 | Hartford, CT, United States | | Report spam→
is this for America only?
I live in Indonesia
thank you

by donal husni | 30 Sep 2010 05:09 | Pangandaran, Indonesia | | Report spam→

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