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Getty to give away images



by PJ Heller at 2014-03-06 05:44:12 UTC | Bookmark | | Report spam→

Have not read it over yet, but got to confess, don’t really get the strategy.

by John Louis Lassen Perry | 06 Mar 2014 06:03 | Liberty Corner, New Jersey, United States | | Report spam→
Here’s another article about it:

by PJ Heller | 06 Mar 2014 08:03 | Christchurch, New Zealand | | Report spam→
From the bottom of the BJP article: “As for Getty Images’ own photographers, the new embed program won’t have an opt-out clause. “If you’re a Getty Images contributor, you’ll be participating in this.”” I was just wondering what’s the deal between Getty and the photographers of those images.

by Laura Larmo | 06 Mar 2014 09:03 | Milano, Italy | | Report spam→
And now you can take those Getty images and use them on your Wordpress blog for free. Getty and Wordpress seem to have worked out a deal:

by Barry Milyovsky | 06 Mar 2014 14:03 (ed. Mar 6 2014) | New York, United States | | Report spam→
It means that just like when you look at a video on youtube or somewhere else, you have to look at advertising before you see the photo or photos, or a small footer add will appear and you can click on it or kill it if it’s disturbing the view of the photo for you——and the clicks on the photo will not count on the blogger but for Getty——so now the interesting thing will be how the photographer gets paid, the actual person who generates the content——by the click I am presuming, so if Getty makes a penny, the shooter will make .0002 centavos per click—?

by David Bro | 06 Mar 2014 17:03 | Orange County, United States | | Report spam→
The thing, I guess, is that bloggers equal used the photos with some capture screen or something without linking to Getty. Is time and money consuming the work for find who are taking that or those image and publishing it without permission. This way they assure all the interested in some theme will be redirection to the source and, maybe, some potential purchasers could appear. What I don’t know if how they notified to their photographers. Is logical that you agency communicate if you want to be out or in in this decision. I understand we are talking all low res images impossible to print in a reasonable size. If that is not the case so this is an important problem, but for low res I think is a lost battle.
Is a very complicated system this days. I didn’t accepted to sell for pennies some of my father’s photos from his archive for that reason. I don’t trust where the photos will end. I hope someday have time to scan his work and offer them as a book. He shoot some really well known people like Che Guevara, Fidel Castro, Marlene Dietrich and some well known local people, historic photos of Peron and others figures. One day, some years before his dead, I found him throwing a lot of negatives in a cardboard box that was of a tv all filled with rest of negatives and slides. Are you mad?, I said, he saw me quietly and told me, I am cleaning. I suppose that he knows that would be impossible manage all his archive. He was trying to left an edited archive. Manage one is time and money consuming. And have no value if you don’t expose this images.

by Hernan Zenteno | 08 Mar 2014 02:03 (ed. Mar 8 2014) | Buenos Aires, Argentina | | Report spam→
By the way, this make think about my decision of quit Instagram. I can’t understand give photos for free, that is what you do with Instagram. Maybe is time to start join some of this places but personally I detest Facebook and happened that Instagram was purchased by Facebook who never was good with photographers in the terms or conditions of use.

by Hernan Zenteno | 08 Mar 2014 02:03 (ed. Mar 8 2014) | Buenos Aires, Argentina | | Report spam→
A good read on this by John Harrington: http://tinyurl.com/l8pylb5

by PJ Heller | 09 Mar 2014 04:03 | Christchurch, New Zealand | | Report spam→

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