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haitian Elections in the NY Times

I just posted an alert above with a link to the NY Times’ recent article on the upcoming Haitian elections, which carries a pretty good, and honest, analysis of the events up to this point and the causes of Aristide’s ouster.  The bad faith displayed by the US is a major factor contributing to the present mess, as I have been arguing now for some time:

"the United States spoke with two sometimes contradictory voices in a country where its words carry enormous weight. That mixed message, the former American ambassador said, made efforts to foster political peace "immeasurably more difficult."

Read the article and you will understand the consequences of speaking with a forked tongue.  It is surprisingly good, pretty thorough, though there are the usual bits of excessive rhetoric. 


by Jon Anderson at 2006-01-28 19:47:47 UTC (ed. Mar 12 2008 ) Santo Domingo , Dominican Republic | Bookmark | | Report spam→

saw the article this morning in the Times and was thinking of u….boba

by [former member] | 29 Jan 2006 07:01 | Toronto, Canada | | Report spam→
I just read a story in the BBC that alluded that the elections might be postponed…again. It’s just a sentance, at the end of the story, but if the BBC included it then it might have some merit. Here’s the link: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/4657320.stm I plan to leave on Thursday. I’ve been waiting to get my plane ticket until I knew for sure that the elections were indeed going to take place, but it’s getting so close that I’m afraid I might not find a place to stay if I wait too long. I’d reserve a room now, but I’m still not sure if there will be any elections. If anybody has some information or knows of a place where I can stay or of anyone who already has a place and is willing to share the room please let me know. Thanks.

by Oscar Sosa | 29 Jan 2006 08:01 | Jacksonville, FL, United States | | Report spam→
As for finding places to stay, there is the Montana if you want security, connection, communication,e tc.  Then the Oloffson.  LS lists some other places as well, but they wont have (or maybe they do, i dunno) internet services.  Depends on what you need and what you expect to shoot.

The BBC report is hedging its bets, because there have been so many dates set and rescinded.  But, who knows. Anyway I know several people there now shooting, so ifyou have a gig set up, you will be OK either way.  If not, well, then its a crap shoot.  But time spent in Haiti is never wasted!

by Jon Anderson | 29 Jan 2006 08:01 | Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic | | Report spam→
Thanks Jon. Those are the two places I planned on staying at, I’m just not optimistic about rooms being avilable. Once I get in-country I’ll probably get a gig. The way the industry is right now nobody wants to commit to having to pay expenses. Not sour grapes, just the way things are. I’ll get there on Thursday and see what I can dig up. If the elections are still on by Tuesday I’ll try to reserve a room somewhere. Great info on the subject. You’ve been a big help.

by Oscar Sosa | 29 Jan 2006 08:01 | Jacksonville, FL, United States | | Report spam→
As of Sunday (1/29/06) both the hotels mentioned were booked. I’m with Reuters and having to share room cuz neither had room for some of are TV crews. Shannon

by Shannon Stapleton | 29 Jan 2006 15:01 | Port Washington, United States | | Report spam→
Hey Shannon.  Well that was fast, when I spoke to another LS member in PAP just a day ago there were still rooms available But it doesnt surprise me.  For those of you shut out, dont despair.  Haiti is easygoing and if you are patient you will find a niche.  But you may not have the advantages of knowing where the pack is heading or solid internet connection, electricity and so on. 

Funny how the reliance on digital has changed things so much, and while on onehand it considerably improves our ability to report from the field, on the other it can hamper us.  With film, on one ever worried about having an internet connection, you either came back with the goods yourself, or handed off to someone arriving back home ahead of you.

by Jon Anderson | 29 Jan 2006 16:01 | Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic | | Report spam→

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