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Help Tibet

hi all, passing on the message, please do the same:

Dear Friends,

I am sure you have all seen what has been happening in Tibet. Tibetans by the thousands are risking their lives by peacefully standing up to tell the world that they do not accept China’s brutal rule in Tibet. Please support them. Many, Many people have been imprisoned and killed, including middle school children. You can visit www.phayul.com for up to date news and reports.

Please take a moment to follow this link http://www.studentsforafreetibet.org/article.php?id=1333 to a site where you can take action for Tibet in less than 5 minutes.

Thanks for your support. There is also a listing (on the right hand side of the web home page) of all the demonstrations happening around the country if you want to join us.

Thanks for your support.


by teru kuwayama at 2008-03-21 17:13:03 UTC (ed. Apr 8 2008 ) new york , United States | Bookmark | | Report spam→

Please join Free Tibet

by [former member] | 21 Mar 2008 17:03 (ed. Mar 21 2008) | New Delhi, India | | Report spam→
Teru, Thanks for the post emails sent.

by Nayan Sthankiya | 21 Mar 2008 21:03 | Vancouver, Canada | | Report spam→
Have a look at this link too:


going for one million voices united for Tibet.

by Rosa Verhoeve | 21 Mar 2008 22:03 | Amsterdam, Netherlands | | Report spam→

by [former member] | 22 Mar 2008 11:03 | Dubai, United Arab Emirates | | Report spam→
A message from the website of HHDL:
May all beings benefit!

by Ana Elisa Fuentes | 22 Mar 2008 17:03 (ed. Mar 22 2008) | Bavaria, Germany | | Report spam→

letter send, website signed up, links forewarded…

thanks for the links everyone…


by [former member] | 24 Mar 2008 12:03 | Montreal, Canada | | Report spam→
I just came back from the Tibetan region of China closed to the press (by passing more than 5 check points illegally).

I entered a Tibetan Buddhist monastery where monks have been surrounded by Chinese police to prevent them to join the protests.

I was able to get exclusive photos and testimonies. No action photos, but a great reportage and great quotes, for which the Chinese police arrested me and kept me into custody for one hour.

You can have a look at the PDF with the story and photos here:
http://www.pictobank.com/tibet/KunghuaMonks25308.pdf (3.3 Mbs).

If an editor wants to publish the photos or if you have contacts to a magazine that maybe interested, please e-mail me.

Description of the photos : Chinese troops moving towards Tibet / Portraits of Tibetan monks / Atmosphere in city fearing lootings.

Looking forward your feedback,


Lucas Schifres
Pictobank Photo Agency – Your Source of Photos in China
For daily updates of our website click “Reports” on:

Cell: +86-159-2177-8384

by Lucas Schifres | 26 Mar 2008 02:03 | Shanghai, China | | Report spam→
thanks for posting this, signed and fwding

by julia s. ferdinand | 26 Mar 2008 15:03 | chiang mai, Thailand | | Report spam→
from SFT:

NYC Solidarity Protests
Tuesday March 25 – Friday March 28

Tuesday (March 25, 2008)

Location: Consulate (42nd St and 12th Ave

Time: 9.00AM to 1.00PM at Consulate

1.00PM: Walk to to UN

2.00 PM to 5PM at UN

Wednesday (March 26, 2008)

Location: Consulate ( 42nd St and 12th Ave )

Time: 9.00AM to 1.00PM at Consulate

1.00PM: Walk to Chinese Mission (34th st and 1st ave)

2.00 PM to 5PM at Chinese Mission

Thursday (March 27, 2008)

Location: Consulate ( 42nd St and 12th Ave)

Time: 9.00AM to 5.00PM at Consulate

Friday (March 28, 2008)

Location: UN (47th st and 1st ave)

Time: 9.00AM to 1.00PM at UN


Prayer Offering to Coffins in front of the UN

Candle Light Vigil at Union Sq. from 6PM to 9PM

Kalaya’an Mendoza
Grassroots Coordinator
Students for a Free Tibet International Headquarters

602 East 14th Street 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10009

Office: 212.358.0071
Mobile: 917.595.0140
Skype: KalaSFT

SFT TV: www.youtube.com/SFTTV



by teru kuwayama | 26 Mar 2008 23:03 | new york, United States | | Report spam→
that’s anti-human rights,but what I refer to is those semibarbarian violence,and you who distort the truth.

Finally I wanna ask you a question,is that the truth u see,or just another prejudice

all we want is just peace

by sml | 29 Mar 2008 04:03 | 133117090, United States | | Report spam→
If you are in Italy you can help here, for example:

by eva mbk | 29 Mar 2008 08:03 | Tuscany, Italy | | Report spam→
Over the past week, more than 1 million people (1,334,600) have signed Avaaz’s petition to Chinese President Hu Jintao to stop the crackdown on protesters in Tibet.

Given China’s concern for its international reputation, especially in light of the upcoming Olympics in Beijing, this type of response from millions of people from across the globe could have a powerful impact on China’s actions in Tibet.

To sign the petition and support the people of Tibet, click on this link.


Click on the links below for some informative articles:

Time Magazine: “A Monk’s Struggle” by Pico Ayer


Interview with Robert Barnett


Article on protests in Lhasa in the New York Times


“I don’t consider people who speak in support of Tibet pro-Tibetan, but pro-justice.”
—His Holiness the Dalai Lama, March 29, 2008, New Delhi.

by Angelica Sarkisyan | 01 Apr 2008 14:04 | Virginia, United States | | Report spam→
Another manifestation in front of the Belgian Olympic Comittee this wenesday 9th of april :


thanks for support anyone !

Sunday 16th of march 2008 gathering in Brussels : http://www.heymana.com/galleries/events/tibet-manifestation.html

cheers !

by Heimana | 08 Apr 2008 05:04 | Brussels, Belgium | | Report spam→

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